June 12, 2018

Project life with lots of handmade cards

Hello Everyone, Felicity here today with a project life page using the May Hip kit. I had a LOT of fun with this page.   If you take a peek at it, can you notice something? Yep, no project life cards. I have made all my own project life cards, in true Felicity style, tee hee, with lots of cardstock, embellishments, stamping, paint and layers.

I know it can be daunting at times when making your own cards, but I want to share a couple of tips with you.

Tip #1 - If you wanting to use lots of colourful embellishments, such as the sticker book from the Project life kit, I like to use a white cardstock, because the white softens the brightness and adds a real freshness to the page. 

Tip #2  - If you think your cards are going to look busy, dont be afraid to leave lots of white space and add a little paint splatters to keep it all flowing.  

Tip #3 - When deciding to make your own cards, just use a handful of embellishments and mediums that you want to use and leave it at that. This allows for your page to flow because you will be using the same embellishments and don't be afraid to just pop this and that on and layer up. That is the fun part. Think of each card as a mini layout. 

I also just want to share 2 little tags that I made using the May kit as well. There to cute to not share with you :)

June 4, 2018


I'm sharing a sweet page using the Hip kit club April kit and inspired by the May moodboard!
Can you believe this is my 7th project with the April kit? Or maybe you cant, these kits are jam packed arent they. <3 nbsp="" p="">
There is a photo on the moodboard that is an image of a circle of flowers hanging from the roof. I loved the design of it coming from the roof, which gave me inspiration to create my page from the top and work my way down with lots of scatters of flowers. I do love fussy cutting all those flowers and scallops.  I also created the drips with the mist in the colour kit to keep the flow of 'downward'.

So when you look at an image or the moodboard, see if you can make that image be a little like a sketch and be the bases of your layout. When I do this, it always allows me to try new things and see things from a different angle which is always fun.

I hope this inspires you to use your kits.
Go and make today a creative day :)


May 25, 2018

Project life + Washi tape = LOVE

Hello Everyone, I have a fun Project Life page today using the Hip Kit April kit. I had a lot of fun with some washi tape in the May kit. I always love using Washi tape in my layers, but whats also fun is being able to 'create' and 'change' some project life cards.
On this page, I used a simple striped (bottom left) project life card and add some washi tape in between the stripes for more depth and texture. Something so easy,  yet effective.
I also loved using the tape to hold some cards on top, to create flaps. Again this is a way fun away to add colour, pattern and texture. 
By adding the washi tape, a small amounts it also helps your project life as well. 

So when using washi tape, it doesn't need to be anything fancy.
A fun way to look at it is, to ask yourself.

"Where would i put a stripe of paper" and instead of paper, add a little washi tape :) 

I hope this inspires you with your projects.
Happy crafting!

May 21, 2018

Rainbow of flowers.

 Hello lovely people, Felicity here today. I have another fun project to share today. A few weeks back, I created a 3 fun backgrounds with the colour kit. One of those backgrounds, I created a layout, the second I created some cute tags and this is the third background i created. It was super fitting because I used the moodboard to inspire my page (can you tell by the amount of flowers... tee hee - oh wait, I dont need an excuse to use flowers!!) and also a challenge to 'colour block' my page.

Colour blocking is not something I do much of, but I was excited to use the idea of a little like a rainbow. I just simply started off with the flowers i had left in the April kit and layer them up and slowly changing the colour as I went.  

You will also notice, NO photo!! eeek.. another first. But, when I was looking at all the fun embellishments in the kit,  I noticed so many sentiments that fitted the colour blocking. Not only that the sentiments just spoke volumes to me, right now in my life, that I need to make this project as a 'reminder for me'. 

I hope this project inspires you today and even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new like I have.

Cant wait to see your beautiful creations in the Hip Kit forum :)
Happy creating!

May 9, 2018

butterflies, flowers and rainbows

 Hey there :)
I want to share a fun layout with lots of bright colourful flowers and lots of rainbows.
Make sure you check out my process video below, but you will see that I have created three backgrounds with the colour kit and then I choose one to great my layout, another piece I created these tags and the 3rd piece will be used on another fun layout next week :)

I loved being able to use this stencil and the distress ink pads as a stamp. If you then add a little amount of water, the colours blend really nicely and creates a soft paint affect. So much fun to play. 
I then fussy cut some of those teeny tiny flowers and used the stencil as my guide to create little flowers, with a little sparkly gem to complete them. 
This page was so much fun to put together.

Happy crafty week!

May 4, 2018

Happy birthday Noni

Hello lovely people :)
Just wanted to pop by and share this page I created for the Hip Kit You Tube channel. Pop over and check out my process video and make sure you subscribe to their channel while your there.

April 28, 2018

Something different with Project Life cards

 Hello there friends,

If you've been long time fans of Hip kits and followed me, you would know that I love Project life. Especially Hip Kit exclusive Project life cards. 
Here I'm using the March Project life kit. 
 I wanted to show you a 6 x 8 Project life spread, where I have layered up the Project life cards. Im all about layers!! tee hee

Then I decided to use the project life cards and create little tags with them. Aren't they cute. 
So if your the 'standard' project life scrapper, I want to encourage you to grab the cards and turn them into cute little tags. The project life kit has so many cute embellishments and alphas that it makes is super easy to create tags.

Here is a little process video for you with the tags. 

I hope this truly inspires to think a little 'outside the box' when creating with the project life cards.
Love Felicity