September 20, 2017

circles and kite kinda day!

Hey there lovely people!
I'm pretty excited to share this layout today using the sketch from Hip kit club for the 15th September. How awesome is that star!

I knew me, being me, wouldn't be able to pull off a pretty grand star like the sketch. So I saved myself the grey hair and wrinkles and left it up to some other talent design members!! pst, make sure you pop by the facebook forum to see more creations on this!!

Because that 'star' can be used as large element on the page, I went with pieced together circle. It turned out way better than I expected and actually came together quiet quickly for me! I will put that down the awesome August kits!!

 Because of my photo, i flipped the sketch which then allowed me to 'place' kites in my daughter hand and how could not add a beautiful big bow?

I then contiuned with the circle theme, by adding in some of the most gorgeous exclusive wooden buttons. They are pretty!! Self adhesive too!! :)

To keep the colour following through the layout, I then added in some shimmerz splatters from the produts in the colour kit!  I then used the banner from the sticker sheet and cardstock sticker sheet to make an outline of the 'wonky' circle!! Yes, nothing is perfect with me, i will keep it taht way :) Its all about fun and documenting memories for me!

 Make sure you share your beautiful work with the sketch and pop it in the forum!! :)
Here is my process video to see how this came together :)

September 8, 2017

Black and white and bows!!

Hello lovely people! I'm pretty excited to be here today to share a fun layout using the Hip Kit club August kit.

I was pretty excited to use the colour kit again, that stencil is so pretty and the shimmerz products in the kit match so perfectly with the kit. I started off with my gesso on my background then I put some of the Daffodil yellow shimmerz and then the green Jilted jade down just scrapping it with an old card. Then I came in with the Pretty in Pink shimmerz and the stencil. I loved also that these colours all blended nicely and add little sparkle to the background.

Then I started layering my embellishments once the background had drier. Mind you, it dries pretty fast! :) I loved all the exclusive frames in the kit, so I started off with them and then add in different empheria pieces from the crate paper carosuel collection :)

Of course I had to add a little hand stitching to the side, and gold thread machine stitched around the edge.

Now can we take a moment and say 'awwww' to that fabric bow!! Im a bow kind-a-girl, so I was like a kiddo on Christmas morning when these came in the kid! Lucky there is 4 in the back :)

This truly was a fun layout to put together. Make sure to take a look at my process video :)
 Have a great creative weekend :)

September 6, 2017

A fun way to be creative.

Hello! Felicity here today with a fun bright colourful Project life page using the August project life kit.

I say it every month, I know, but I seriously love the exclusive cards, there so unique and just really make this album so special.

When I create project life spreads, I love adding little labels and the ones in the kit from pretty little studio are seriously so bright and colourful. I love cutting them in half or quarters and tucking them for extra deminison!

Now lets take a moment and say 'ahhhhh' - because look at the gold accents in the kit. The alpha and the gold on the sticker sheets! It just makes this page sparkle. See the demision in those alphas? See the colour under there? Pretty arent they!

Project Life truly is the a fun creativity way to record heaps of memories and show case heaps of photos. Its always made easy when you have fun colorful, jam packed project to work with too!! Oh I love hip kit project life kits!!

September 4, 2017

Cute words and cute bows!!

Hello there lovely creative peeps! Felicity here today to share with you my project featuring this really cute fun sticker phrases!

If you havent got your August kit yet, I suggest you head over to the Hip kit website and snag one! 

There sticker phrases just make titling and journaling so easy. There are so many beautiful sentiments and colours to choose from.

I do have to confes though, that those bows had me like "Oh my..." I think I used all them on this page, there was no way I was leaving any behind!

Take a look at the hearts and all those cute stars as well. Its not just a sheet of sticker phrases, but a sheet of embellishments that complement your word sentiments.

August 28, 2017

mixed up Alphas!!

Hello lovely people - Felicity here today :) I'm excited to share a different layout with you all. I was given the task to use 'alpha stickers'. Now let's be honest, when you open the Hip kit July kit, you squeal a little at all the exclusive alphas uh!

You try and think of the longest title ever, so you can use many of the exclusive alphas as possible, right?  Yeah? Well, I ahve a confession! ** Goes to her knees.. Tee hee **
If you take a look back a lot of my work you will see that I actually dont seem to title my pages with alphas. Its rare. *insert sad face*

You know why? because my pages are generally so full of embellishments and mixed media that when I go to add a title, it just doesnt look right. So I opt to use the embellishments in the kits for my title. But also, because I end up saving up the alphas because I love them so much! Not good uh! :(

So, I was so thankful for this task, because it broke down the brick wall. I had to use them and boi was I excited too! To get out my 'silly' mind, that my pages are to busy for big titles, I decided to incoprate it with the papers and make it part of the embellishing.

I mixed up all the alphas in the July kit and am so happy with the layout. I pushed myself and made myself, yes I did fiddle and um and argh a lot, but it was so good to be outside my comfort zone and do something creativity with alphas.

So, i challenge you to be creativity with alphas, think about what holds you back and try it. Is it mixing the alphas up? Is it long titles? Is it not feeling like you have something to say that would make it appealing?
What ever it is, I would love for you to try. Load your pages to the forum for me to see.
Remember us designers get inspiration from you too :)
We LOVE your work in the forum :)

August 25, 2017

three tips on creating birthday Project Life page

I love creating a Project life page all about their birthdays. When creating birthday spreads, it can be a little tricky to get the balance right.

Heres a few tips to help you, hopefully create a birthday page.

Tip 1:  If you have photos that a rather busy and perhaps not to appealing to the eye. Change the photo to black and white. This will  help the photo be a little more appealing because there is not so much 'clutter' going on.

Tip 2: Limit the amount photos in the page, create a double page if you have too. Add in lots of blank spaces by using the exclusive project life cards to break the page up. Often with birthday spreads, we can have a lot of photos and moments to docuement. Dont try and jam it all in one page or the page will be simply to busy. Think ' Less is more!'

Tip 3: Dont forget to record your journalling. Be as creative as you can, add it the photo, a card beside the photo or hidden journalling. Even save some wrapping paper or ribbon from the day and pop that in behind your photo. Memorbilia is just important as the photos and journaling too!

August 21, 2017

Five tips of using bright bold colours!!

 Hello lovely friends! Its Felicity here today with  very fun and rather circular layout.

Tip 1: I'm loving circles at the moment and have a bit of thing for pie graph. There were so many fun embellishments in the kits that I couldnt help but layer them in. Dont be afraid to mix bold colours by leaving a little 'white' between the colours. This will help them be a little more prominent. 

Tip 2: The little clips came in the kit, make super cute embellishments tucked behind your different elements on your page. Dont be afraid to introduce another colour to your bold palette, but try to use a different of the colour already there. Let me example. See the bright blue in the exclusive paper that Irit deisgned, use another shade of blue, such as this royal blue clip.  It also adds another little pop of colour but still keeping true to your colour palette. Hope that made sense? 

Tip 3: I love fussy cutting out some of those flowers and the words. By adding in some black and white elements it breaks the colour up a little. If you have a project that is bold, be sure to add a few neutrals, like black and white to ton the palette a little. 

Tip 4: Also by using white cardstock this allows the boldness of colour to pop a little more. 

Tip 5: When using quiet a few colours in our project, try to remember the triangle rule or thirds rule to keep the project balanced with colour. For example the touch of green on the 'awesome' sentiment, the green in the circle at the bottom and then the green thread at the top. All subtle touches but helps the eye follow the page around without it being to much. 

Here's a process video for you as well.