December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

{A little collection of my favorite projects for 2011}

The last day of twenty - 11!
Its been a year of good and bad memories, love and sadness, joy and sorrow.  There have been hard experiences and cheers of victory.
All in all its been a year of learning and coping.
But two words I could use to summarize:
'love and attitude' - that's what helped me through.
After all my one little word for this year was attitude!
2 words that dont normally go together - but for me they do.

I have learn that sometimes you need to walk away from things that are bad and walk towards the good things that are going to fill you with love. Its those things that have helped me be who I am today. It has been tough for me at times adjusting to a family of 4, battling with exhaustion for months, giving birth to a baby while your home is being flood, having a husband that worked lots of weekends and big hours, a year of staying home and one little holiday/break... but with the right attitude and heart full of love, all those things have made me stronger.
I still today, would not change a thing.
Twenty-11 you were kind to me - I {heart} you!

{a collection of photos that summarize my year.}
Jan - Piper was born / Feb - Interaction between the two boys / Mar - playing in the park / Apr - Piper warming our hearts / May - wet weather playing / Jun - Mummy first time with just Piper while Brae is at Grandmas -/ Jul - Brae turns 2 / Aug - Brae learns to ride his bike / Sept - both boys love playing together outside / Oct - Daddys birthday / Nov - first holiday for the year at the beach / Dec - Piper first Christmas
Cant wait for twenty - 12!
PS I have notebook and pen beside.. scribbling done some scrappy goals -want to know?


  1. Happy New Year, gorgeous pics. I am looking forward to the New Year, did't go much on 2011, but things can always be much worse.
    Here's to a awesome 2012

  2. such gorgeous collages Flis :) cant wait to hear about your goals for next year and what your new word will be?? stay safe over new years, thanks for a wonderful year of friendship :) xox

  3. Love the collages, Felicity.Looking forward to hearing more about your scrapping goals too. All the best for 2012 xx

  4. Have a beautiful new year Flis.
    Love your pages..and would love to know your scrappy goals :-)

  5. What a gorgeous summary of your year Flis! Can't wait to see your new word and your new scrappy goals.
    You are so organised and such an inspiration :))

    Happy New Year lovely lady xoxo

  6. Happy New Year Flis!!! Awesome bunch of pictures and such an amazing collection of have definatley found your "style" and I'm loving it!!!! Here's to an exciting 2012 and I just love watching your little family grow through your blog:) Mwah xo

  7. oh i so enjoy popping in here, i love seeing what your lovely family are up to and of course your beautiful scrapping and heart felt journalling... thank you for sharing.. and i wish you a most wonderful 2012...xx

  8. As always your attitude is an inspiration. I hope you have an awesome 2012.

  9. As always your attitude is an inspiration. I hope you have an awesome 2012.

  10. Happy New Year Flis...and I hope 2012 is even better for you <3.
    Just love your photo collages!

  11. Happy New Year! Love your photos and your gorgeous projects. :)

  12. You have such a gorgeous family!! I love all those layouts you completed. Like many I had some really really low points in 2011 but I also had some really really high points!! All in all apart from a few glitches, I thought 2011 wasnt all that bad!! I would also love to know your scrappy goals!

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