June 3, 2014

Memory planner: April

Hello there.
Memory planner time!! :)
Its June and I am just finishing off May planner and was like um...
"did I end up sharing April?"
Sorry folks, to much to share last month!!
tee hee
Here I created lots of little flaps with a few hidden quotes and messages underneath.
Just a way to add a little depth and character to my planner.

 I was so inspired by this free little Easter Bunny template from Heidi Swapp printable and also by Memory Planner that Heidi created, that I had to put a little bunny in my planner too!!

 Because I have a lot going on with need to create a little space to rest the eye. So I used on the Heidi swap vellum sheets.

 Another little tag I created and inserted into my planner.

PhotobucketTuesday! XO
PS the local show is on tonight, so lots of fun photos to take tonight!
I will be making fun pretty stuff with all the photos!

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