March 24, 2016

MIXED MEDIA: Bunny Canvas


There seems to be more and more Chocolate coming into the house.
Hot Cross buns being requested for school lunch.
Kids are gethering ideas together for the school holidays. The amount of activities and adventures i am hearing, I am sure they think they have  12 months off from school! Tee hee.

Anyways, I am here to share with you a super cute little bunny canvas I created. I had this little idea that I wanted to created something with lots of flowers, and have some bunny ears somewhere.

Prodcuts used: Inklingz - sheer bliss, Tarnished Treasure, meet me sunset
                        Creameez - Lettuce get together, ride the tide 
                        Aqua Huez - Little boy blue, Rockin' Robin, Grey matter, Pretty Lily 

So I simply start by drawing, roughly the bunny ears and working out roughly where I would like some flowers to go. The thinking stage!! tee hee

Then I started by using lots of shimmerz. My process here was to simply have all the colours and tones that I wanted to use, open and ready to go and just start by simply layering my shimmerz products on. There was no Aqua huez first, then inklingz , then creameez. I just simply keeping add which ever tone was best.
Seriously, I am pretty happy with how it turned all the layers of the different products as create something very pretty visually. If only I could show you in real life.

Once I had the colour done for the bunny, I then add all my flowers. I wanted to try and adhere the flowers like it was  floral headband on the bunny. That was my thought process.

Once all the flowers were down I then add more shimmerz, little bit of blues and pinks to add a little whimsy. I then add more texture with modelling paste and fibers.

I think this turned out pretty cute.
Something to sit on the side board over Easter.

Wishing all my lovely readers a Happy Chocolate filled Easter!

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png


  1. That's v creative canvas. Love it!!!!

  2. Oh wow - so very cute, I just love it!!


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