May 18, 2016

PROJECT LIFE: #100dayproject - Edition 2

Hi Hi HI!

Why are Wednesdays so hard? Maybe its because its the middle day of another week. We blink and its Monday again.
It's the distance between Monday and the weekend that makes Monday a particular kind of torture. 
Yep, I love Garfield. A lot. Its not because hes a cat either. Just sayin'.

Anyways, I shouldnt be discrimating the days of the week or showing a love hate relationship with the days, because, every moment is precious. Right!

Those moments with my children and my husband of course, are documented. 
For one, it makes me then look like I have a good memory. Especially when its comes the boys homework wanting a time line for their first 5 years of life!

A few more project life cards from my #100dayproject. Make sure your following my instagram account for your daily dose! 

Happy  Wednesday!

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