May 9, 2016

PROJECT LIFE: #the100dayproject


I way to conscious that time f l i e s! Sure when it comes to the end of summer, I think it goes to s l o w. Sometimes you need a reminder, a knock out,  to help you see where you are at and the direction you are going.

Let me tell you.
The direction with said ' project life' was very grim.
It was gloomy.
It was dark.
Instagram showed in my feed one cool morning the #the100dayproject.

My direction has changed.

Photos and journaling are memories captived. I am certain that in 30 years, even 20 years time, I am flat out remembering yesterdays happens, that I will forget these memories.
Time to rectify and start freezing that moment.

Each day for 100 days, what a chunck, so lets look at 3 lots of 30 days and 10 days, I will complete a project life card. Because guarantee I will have caught up on the kids albums, more on that in another post.

My love for project life has rekindled.

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