May 16, 2016

Week in the Life: Monday

You all know I love documenting memories. Freezing the moment. Having a record for my children to look at when I am a nursing home. 

Ali Edwards start up 'A week in the Life' series. What a great opportunity to record my week. I can guarantee that next week, year, 5 years, 10 years time it will be different. 

This space is to document my days. If i write my notes on a piece of paper, the dog will eat, the kids will rip it, draw on or I will loose it.  Yes, I have a tendency to do that! 

Here's my week. 

Today was not an ordinary routine Monday. Normally the kids would be going to school. But due to an illness in the house, it's a different Monday. And that's ok. 
So glad they communicated together and decided to get sick together.
Get it over and done with. 
Good kids! 
I spent a lot time checking on the kids and in the laundry. 

Woken by Brae vomiting. Noni and Brae have been up since 7pm the night before. There both so weak and pale now. Nothing worse, well maybe there is something worse, but it's not ideal to watch your children be ill and your helpless. 
I was feeling like a sleep weaker. Maybe requiring a caffeine drop. 
As hard as it is to scramble out of bed, even when it's a tad chilly and your toes become ice cubes because your too asleep to find your ugg boots, I still say thank you for motherhood. 
Noni was still sleeping. Piper got up, he's well, but I made the decision to keep him home today from school encase he starts vomiting. He used the iPad quietly in the lounge room while Brae slept a little bit more. 
I unpacked the dishwasher while the kettle boiled. Made a coffee and tuck myself into bed while I read for half and hour. 
Brett had already left to irrigate the paddocks. 

My laundry pile tripled overnight. So l start the machine going early. By the time my coffee was finished I could peg my first of many loads out. Lots of pyjamas from last night and towels. 

Noni woke up. She had taken her pyjama trousers off in bed, so she's on the mend! 
Funny girl!  
We sat on the bed with the morning sun streaming in reading some books while I make judgement as to weather to offer her some breakfast. 
She ate breakfast and kept it down. 

Noni went back to bed and Brae rested all morning on the couch. Still very weak and pale. Sipping on raspberry cordial and hydralite ice blocks to keep his fluids up.  

Brett pops in after irrigating, for morning tea and a quick hello to us all. 

I made a new batch of playdoh for piper. He's showing no signs of sickness, so we work on some school work together. Number recognition, letter sounds and sight words. 

Left over pasta for lunch today. 
No fuss. 
Something easy. 
Piper has a ham and cheese wrap, his favourite thing to eat every lunch. He's not an adventurous eater.

Brett came in for lunch. I took an opportunity to take an hours nap while we watch all the kids. 
That caffeine was not keeping up with me. 
Nothing better than an hours power nap. 

Brae fell asleep on the lounge. Ooh I wish I had a magic wand or a genie lamp. 
 Noni and I folded all the washing. 
I like try and fold it soon as I get it off the clothes line. That job I like to just get done sooner rather than later. If I put it off far to long and I then start hating on the folding.  Always easy to do when Noni chats away. 
Company makes it worthwhile.

Noni is back taking a nap, still getting over her night of being up sick. Brae still pushing out the zzz's on the couch.
Piper enjoying the iPad to himself playing minecraft. 
I sat with a coffee and start editing my photos from the day and completing my #the100dayproject.  I love this project. Each of the kids have albums with photos and stories of their lives. I fell way behind and decided to do one card for 100 days. I will be all caught up again. I am currently getting Pipie album from birth to current days done. 
Working on his first birthday. 

Time to start preparing dinner. 
Turkey sausages and veggies. 
Whilst dinner was cooking I took a walk around the yard. I also secretly love watching the sun set. Checking my new snap dragons I planted last week.
There my favourite winter flower to plant and thrive in the black soil. These yellow snap dragons are only a month old and flowering already.
My garden makes me happy.  

Daddy gets home. Noni gets so excited for him. 
She loves helping feed the chooks and check the chickens. 
Their feeding them some sorghum from the paddock. 

Bath time begins. Some nights they want go together. Some want showers. 
Some want baths. 
Tonight its seperate baths with a dash of lavender. Followed by dinner time.
Noni doesn't eat her normal helping or Piper. 
Alarm bells ring for mummy, is piper getting ill.
Brae eats his normal helping. 
High five. 

Bedtime for the kids. They love their story before bed. Especially when they can help read the words. A favourite time at night. 
Dr. Sues is the pick tonight.
The humour.

At this point I stopped taking photos for the day, as I sat to type my post and share our day with you. 

Good night xo 

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