May 19, 2016

Week in the life - Thursday

I had a few grey matter problems today, with taking photos! 
Between my photos and journaling you will see how my day pan out. 
Another day to remember!
Advent full! 

I started my morning in quietness, watching the sun rise again. 
But my camera got forgotten, 
It wasn't until I was leaving piper classroom at 10:00am that it occurred to me! 
"Uh no, I haven't taken any photos today... Gah" 
Let's begin photos now. 

Hot coffee
Oreo cheesecake.
Sleeping daughter. 

There are clean freaks in my family. But that gene has carried into some who now carry the messy gene. 
Those people like to call is dis-organisational skills. 
So the spic -and - span people like to re-organise some of those dis-organisational things. 
I for one, can function a lot better during the day if I can see the lounge floor. 
Operation clean up from this morning- before-school-madness complete. 

Sleeping daughter
Creative time.

hubby coming from the farm to share lunch with us. 
As he goes back,
I enjoy a hot coffee, 
Wondering my garden to find a new bloom. 
I love winter for my flowers. 

Go to hop on the car to collect boys from school! 
Car won't start!
Our new car!
Bigger gah!
Battery on the key is starting to go flat! 
Brett removes the remote from the key leaves it on the bench!
Grab remote put it back in the car!
Car starts! 
New cars and there thingy-Ma-jiggy!
So... I drive like a mad woman around all the schools, looking for said boys on the bus!
Found at the high school! 
Mum "how was school?"
Brae "good"
Piper "boring" 

Drop Brae at art lessons. 
Last week was a feather, week before a monkey, (all done with pastels)
This week a cat. 
( which o forget to photograph, because said drama previously)
Youngest two and I, 
Put our skates on and do the errands we need to do around town. 
Noni runs into this shop and that, 
Tries truping old people, then smiles and all is forgiven! 

Pick the artist up and head home. 
It's a noisey trip. 
Arguing over who drew the best. 
Piper turtle at school today, 
Compared to braes cat (which I forgot to photograph)
Noni trying to sing top note
Mums trying to listen on their conversations. 
It provides a lot good entertainment. 
Smiles to herself.

Squeeze a quick sight word game. 
Never mind he took level 1 when he should be on Level 13
It's all sight words.
Note: more turtle drawings! 

Blurry photo. (But moments captured)
All tucked in bed. 
Mum puts her feet and catchs up with Brett's day!

Zzzzz XO  

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