May 17, 2016

Week in the Life: Tuesday

A very ordinary day today. This illness in the house has struck me and Noni again.
I didn't take a lot photos today, but what I took shows my day.

My day started later than normal, I normal get up at 5:30am but due to being up last night sick I couldn't manage the normal time.

7:34am I woke to the sound of Noni chatting in her bed. I could hear the boys chatting in the lounge room quietly. My original thoughts were to keep the kids home from school, even though there well I wasn't physical able to drive them to the bus, which we would miss anyway, it was coming in 10 minutes. 
The boys really want to be at school, so they took upon themselves to ring dad to ask him to drive them to school. 
Can I just say, this is why I love the farm. Brett can do whatever work and when ever. 
We are so blessed here. 
They both sat and did sight word practice while they ate. 
Piper then brings out this green ribbon he got from his teacher on Friday. 
That he only told us about today. 
When was Friday?
After a scramble to get ready for school, dad left in time. Noni and mummy did a little tidy up, make beds, put the rubbish out, load laundry on. 

I sat with my first coffee. 
I love this chair. 
The light. 
The warmth of the sun. 
I feel like a cat in the sun! Tee hee
It's known as 'Mums chair'
Noni always comes for a chat too. 

Brett came back home from the school drop off. He even got us some fresh fruit and vegetables from the man that comes up once a fortnight. 
He's a keeper, that husband of mine!
Noni had a little play by herself. She misses the boys but also loves playing on her own. 

I wasn't feeling real well, so I went back to bed while Noni slept. 
This is where we spent most of the day. 
Noni start vomiting again. 
I wasn't sure how to photograph this, seen as I spent most of the day in bed. 
So i just took numerous photos during the time resting.  
It tells the story. 

Boys are home and Brett got them off the bus for me. 
They even managed going straight from the bus to the farm to help dad. 
They think there getting out of homework? Tee hee 
Noni slept beside me again. 
Poor poppet. 

The boys came in from helping dad irrigate. Brett gone again to do a few more jobs. 
Boys ate some afternoon tea while watching Story bots, which is recommend from Pipie teacher to help with his learning. 
This a regular routine, so glad I can document it. 

Homework time for brae with dad on the lounge room floor. 
Dad does the maths homework.
He's the maths genus in our HQ. 

Dinner was eaten by most people. Just a small serving of oven chips.  

All the kids were tucked into bed after the boys read their readers to me! All seem in alright health. 
I am cheering because I am starting to keep a little food down and regain strength. 
I even washed my hair tonight. 
Now that's a big deal. 
Brett catching up on some work in the computer, with a game window open too!
Wonder how much research is going on? Tee hee 

Time check out. I don't know what tonight will bring, 
As saying goes, "go bed with the chooks, get up with the chooks" 


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