May 18, 2016

Week in the Life - Wednesday

Well, it looks like the fever is subsiding! (Yippee)
The space been seeing the toilet bowl is lengthing. 
In just a few days, normal health will be with us all. 

Wednesday went like this: 

Seeing the sun rise. 
Hot coffee
Makes worthwhile on a cool morning to rise and shine. 

Children are still sleeping, so I decided to do a little computer work while it was quiet.
I also love the sun beaming through the window. 
Makes my heart sing. 
make a little start on their lunch boxes. 

Piper wakes and straight into breakfast. 
I have always cooked a good breakfast. I need protein for my day and I find it also sustains the boys a little at school too. 
Sausages, bacon and scrambled eggs on the menu. 
The kids sit at the bench while I make a finish off their lunch boxes. We even had time to do sight words too. 

Shoes on. 
Bags packed.
Quick, dash for the bus.
We spend our childhood wanting to grow up. 
"They grow up so fast?"
They become someone,
and we look back and see the path they took. 
We hold tight to their childhood because of our experience behind it. 
We know they will do incredible things at school. 

We spent a little time in the sunshine. 
It was good. 
It was warm. 
We take our health for granted.
The flowers got a much need drink of water. 
By this time Noni was hungry for scrambled eggs. 

Time for laundry. 
It's always there. 
What makes it more enjoyable is watching these two care on. 
Under my feet, 
yes I trip, 
stand on smokey tail (accidentally) and every now and then some little toes, 
With the odd peg tgat falls and instantly becomes food. 
But they still play.

Time to sit.
Favourite chair.
Deep breaths 
 just watching Noni play.
When Noni was born I made a little vow to myself that I would find time during each day to simply watch her play and watch her grow. 
It fills me with such profound hope watching her grow.
I knows not these young years that are precious, but her entire life. 
I know I'd like her to move forward slowly,
grow slowly,
I know I also have a responsibility to make sure she grows surely and steadfast. 

I make a start on my two project life cards. One from yesterday and today's. 
Still on track for #the100dayproject.
I am still at it.

Hubby a keeper.
I am spoilt.
He came in this morning after an early start.
 he mind Noni, which involved get sleeping. 
But he still cared for her. 
while I went an help in Brae classroom. 
Followed up with some grocery shopping and collecting mail.
Noni got a belated birthday present! 
What's a girl to do with new shoes! 
Following her mothers heart and passion for shoes.

Executive decision.
make an Oreo cheesecake.
Tastes great, 
bad for the hips, but that's ok. 
Enjoyed a coffee while Noni sleeps before the boys get home off the bus. 

Motherhood's mundane tasks continue.
Folding washing. 
Why must it be boring.
Fashion changes. 
Like or dislike
We think we look great, in fashion.
20 years time,
Look back -" what was I think wearing that leopard print shirt"
For that reason I wanted to remember what was liked.
Noni, massive size wardrobe for a one year old.
Why do kids dress better than us? 

Normally we would head out on Wednesday night. 
But alas, 
The dre-aded virus wouldn't allow us. 
So here we are going through our nightly grind. 
Story is accompanied by teethbrushing, to stop minimal talking and more listening. 
Mix matchy jamas are must!
"They help you sleep better you know... "
From the lips of babes. 

"Good night, don't let the bed bugs bite!" 

Good night. Xo

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