June 30, 2016

PROJECT LIFE: #the100dayproject - EDITION 8


One thing I am kicking myself about, is my handwriting. Its often all over the place. One minute its read able and next thing its as neat as the typed writing.
Why am I so judgmental?
The kids will be ecstatic in a few years time when they see mums handwriting. There going to giggle because they cant read it or that I spelt something wrong or that I missed a word or put the wrong word in and makes the sentence mean something different.
There memories.
I need to use my handwriting more.

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June 28, 2016

PROJECT LIFE: #the100dayproject EDITION 7

Hey there!

There are certain months I am happy about and some i feel a little indifferent too. I am thinking ahead to the spring flowers, the colour, the warmer mornings, the excitement of a biggest boy birthday, who is so excited to turn 7. In twenty years time, we will see if its still the same excitement!
July i am looking forward to you.

There is also endless excitement because I am so close, yes so close, to finishing my 100 day project.
Alright, lets confess, I started out, not evening thinking I'd finish. My goal was to bring these kids project life albums up to date. Little bit each day and the job is done. But I thought the interest and the love and the desire would subside to do 100 cards.
But its not, its still there.
I am happy!

27 to go!

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June 27, 2016

Layout: Grow


The drought has broken.
The creative rain has come.
I wanted to create, so I schedule time to do.
Yes the housework need doing, the ironing, the plants need water, but it can all wait another hour or two.

I am so glad I say no to the above and Yes to create.

I just love this page. The colour makes me happy and makes me smile. Its shimmery.

Shimmerz products used: Vibez: Jeni B Bleu, Sweet heart 
Coloringz: Heidi Ho Blue, Well blue me down Oh Say can U sea.
Aqua Huez, Hottie Pink and Blue me away

I meant to take a photo of the background before I started creating on top of it, but I forget. Again!
All I simply did was spray the Heidi Ho blue around and used a brush to move it about. I then sprayed the other to colours till I go it how I wanted. I drip it on, splatter, sprayed and used a brush.

I then added all my layers on top.

I then stamped with Staz on ink a flower and decided to colour it with the Aqua Huez and the water brush. I did this a lot till I got it our wanted. I waited a while till the Aqua Huez was dry so that I could get a darked colour.

I then tried and experimented with an idea. (first on scrap). I wanted to go around the cloud in pink. But I wanted it really fine. So I decided to dip a lead pencil in the Aqua Huez and then I had a shimmery water colour pencil mark. 
Doesnt it look good? But you need to make sure that the Aqua Huez is dry and thick. 

I hope this inspires you today to play and experiement. 

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June 24, 2016

PROJECT LIFE: #the100dayproject EDITION 6

Hey, Hey! 
My desk is covered in scraps.
What do you when you give a girl scraps?
Make project life cards of course.

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June 20, 2016

Layout: Crazy kid

Sometimes you just have to try something different.
Aren't I glad I did.

For this page, I will be honest, I didn't really have any real direction.
No clue actually.
All I knew I wanted to do was create a 'crossword' type background. I had all these awesome words and letter in a bowl on my desk, so I simply spelt words that describe my boy.

Products used: Vibez Dont rain on my Parade, Jeni B Bleu, Deep Blue Sea
                        Coloringz  Heidi Ho Blue
                        Aqua Huez, Blue in away and Crazy Daisy. 
I then added some gesso to white wash it and make it a surface for mixed media.

I then started spraying Vibez and some colouringz. I let it dry in between and then used a baby wipe to wipe some away, then sprayed more and so on, till I was happy.

I then started building my page. I wanted to add lots of circles and elements that represent his character. Its bit of a clown at times and never sits still.

I then added some Dazzerlz to the clouds.

I felt a few of the words from the background were hiding too much, so here's what I came up with.
I dipped a lead pencil, you could use a tooth pick or skewer if you want too, in the Aqua Huez and started using it like a water colour pencil.

I think it turned out pretty cool.

I finished with some splatters.

There you have it.
A messy crazy layout that represents my son personality.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

June 17, 2016

PROJECT LIFE: #the100dayproject EDITION 5


As promised a few more project life cards from 100 day project. 
I am seeing the light at the end of tunnel.
70 down.
30 to go.

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