June 9, 2016

LAYOUT: Smile.

Hi there!

Its been a very l o n g time since I created a layout. One thing I don't want do is force myself  to create something that I am simply not into.
It takes away the 'hobby' and the enjoyment.
But I wanted to create a layout the other week.
I wanted to play.
I wanted to experiment.
I wanted to 'freeze' this moment and make this photo 'pretty'.

This photo represents the time of just Mummy and Noni.
Our days together,
Trips to the shops, to the school, to the park.
A special Mother daughter bond that I never thought I would get.
I am truly treasuring this moment.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

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