October 21, 2016

Five things

 1. The weekend is almost here. The kids are going be so thankful, and their mother of course. First thing to do is sleep-in. Kids I hope you got the memo!!
Sometimes a big chunk of sleep can solve many miseries.

2. Dear Me, Please just make pretty things because your freezing beautiful moments. Don't worry yourself about how many comments and how many 'likes' you get on Instagram. Create because you love you. Love the thirty- something me.

3. I am learning more and more to be positive. "If life gives you Lemons make Lemonade" . Being around negative people and objects zaps your energy. The power of positivety moves mountains.

4. The best decision I made a few weeks ago, when I was at breaking point, was to only go to town once a week. I am more focused as a mother and staying on top of my to-do list, not to mention the creativity that happens!

5. Time to do something creativity without feeling guilty. Down time recharges and renews.

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  1. I do love your posts. Even though I don't always leave a comment, I still stalk you and your creativity always makes me smile and sigh at it's beauty.
    Love this post, especially the last bit about not feeling guilty. I don't scrap much at all these days, due to the fact I know I should be doing other things....and feeling guilty if I don't. I must make sure I remind myself it is good for me. Enjoy your weekend xx

    1. Oh Jasmine I am the same, I read a lot of blogs and dont comment like I should. Thanks for taking the time to leave a little love. I truly appriecate it!!
      Have a lovely week! XO


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