October 18, 2016

Mini Album / Parenthood.

There is no secret. Parenthood can be hard slog.  The demands of children can be challenging. Some seconds more than others. We can go from the giggling, having a grand ol time, to tears. All within a millie second. Or maybe its because Mum just made a coffee, that'll do it!

We can go from being on time to make the bus for school but within a second we have no hope getting there, because  someone decides to have a drink of milk only to spill the glass of milk all over them and need new school clothes.

But we love them dearly.  We are so blessed. My heart breaks for those we will not be able to experience the joy we know.

Some days you feel just plain flat. You feel like you'll just loose it, if you hear "Mum, he broke my Lego my creation..." Regardless, how big your bags are under eyes, how sore your throat is and how greasy your hair is.
We must continue on.
But be kind to yourself.  Your doing the best job you can.

 Regardless of the snotty noses, you love them unconditional and would never change a thing.
Life would not be same without your the kids arguments and Lego all over the floor.

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