October 7, 2016

Mini Album / Tips to get you started.

I am just loving this little mini album. Spending just 30 miuntes a day documenting Me!
Mind you, its a very good distraction when you need to forget about the ironing pile and the vacuuming. (but first scrapping, were all guilty aren't we?)

I can try out new design ideas on a small scale, whilst sticking pretty things down.
Its alot of fun.

When I started this little album, I had no clue. I fluffed around for a long time, way over my 30 minutes.
I felt like that little girl in the shoe shop, looking at this sparkly pair of pointed toe flats, holding it and admiring the shimmer.  Then looked up and saw another pair.  These ones where teal with white polka dots and where so comfortable. I wanted both. In fact, one of everything in every colour would suffice. Never mind I would need that dream walk in wardrobe. Every girls dream.

Sometimes the hardest part to Mini Album is to start.

Here's 3 little tips to help you get started on a mini album.

1. Have a theme in mind.
Last year I participated in the #31minutesfor31days with Kellie Winnell. The album I created is still one of favorites of my Missy Moo. But this year, I struggled to come up with a theme.
Thankfully Kelli posted on her Instagram account a little photo challenge all about the home from Little Paper Projects.
There are so many monthly photo challenges. There a great idea to get you started on a theme if your stuck.

2. Create a little kit from your stash
Its so easy to get overwhlemed with what to do put in your album. I suggest you go through your stash of papers and embellishments and put into a basket a little stash of goodies that will go with your theme of the album. Think also about if you want to a little stamps or some mists. Have those near by as you create.

3. Decide what you are going to create your album in.
You dont have to have  a little ring bind album, like the Insta albums. There are a lot of You Tube tutorials and online classes that can show you how to make a little album.

You will love you little Mini Album. Trust me. You will.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

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