October 17, 2016

Planning out loud... cause its fun!

Sheesh... I have two beautiful  planners, that need some inside prettiness. Why else do we planners?  But I am having too many "what if i did this with the Kikki-k planner and this with the Carpe Diem planner?"
If I could just make a decision and get on with it planning.

One: I want a planner to document my week, to-do's, crafty commitments and general notes.
I want to use this as a planner, so I can look back at the prettiness  and see what happen that week/month/day. I love my to-do lists, The truth is, if its not written down, it doesn't get done. Not internationally. The old noggin of mine is not reliable.

Do I just use this Kikki-k planner for planning and lists?
Do I add a section for memorabilia and photos? 

Two: I have wanted to do a project - life style album of me. My daily life. Put photos of me there, as scary  and self critical as I am, But I want the kids to be able see photos of me printed in an album. I want them to see what I was like in my thirty plus and plus and plus years.
To put my memorabilia there. All those super cute little notes the kids draw and leave for me. I guess it would be more a memory planner crossed with project-life?

Do I use the, Carpe Diem planner? those 6 x 8 simple story page projectors fit in there perfectly.
Do I use a 9 x 12 inch album that I already have, for "My daily project-life?" 
Do I just put a section in my Kikki-k planner for Memory planning? However, the Kikki-k planner will fill up fast. 
Do I purchase a 6 x 8 simple stories album? Mind you, I am trying to use what supplies I already have without using coin.

Three: I want to write about my thoughts, the good days and bad days. I want to record my daily affirmations.

Perhaps a journal from spotlight will suffice?

The most important thing is, that I document me and my life. But its a bit like when you  take the training wheels off your child's  bike for the first time. Their fearful. Their wobbly, they fall. But they know they must get back on the bike and peddle. Practice and practice. In no time they've got it. They got over their fears and wobbliness. I think I need to be like that child. Just start with the planner. Yes it will be wobble at first, while I work out what will work and not work. But I need just start. Practice?
 After all, there is no right or wrong way to use planners.

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