October 25, 2016

Solution to filling my 9 x 11 album

Please tell me I am not alone in the fact, that you buy pretty new supplies, because, well, you plain cant resist. It arrives on your doorstep. "WOW, its prettier than I even imagined!"
 Then you hoard it away, to collect dust, for a few years.
All because your waiting for the 'special' creation to use it on.

This album has sat in the house for a few years. Its the most prettiest album I've had. I have been full of doubts of  how to fill it.
I know, bit silly right. Make pretty layouts and put them in. Duh!
But the size layouts I normally create is 12 x12. So it seems odd to create 9 x 11 layouts.

My solution was to prove a little point to myself.

I have always wanted to be able to create layouts quicker. Especially when I have a creativity itch, not much time and not feeling like the 'big' page.
This size will teach me to be quick when time is limited and to create because I want to without concerning myself about those thoughts "what if people dont like it?", "but it doesnt show much technique or texture"... all those aside. I am fulfilling a creativity itch.

I have always had the thought that scrapbooking had to be done at certain way. An expensive way too. As the saying goes "There is not right or wrong to create a project". 
I had some large sketch book paper pads at home and decided I would cut the paper to 9 x 11 to create my page. I want the page to quick, so i wont be doing a lot of mixed media. So the light weight of the paper pad will be sufficient. If the paper does start to become to buckled I can always back the paper with some left over scraps.
Its ok to use sketch book paper from time to time instead of regular cardstock.

I see alot of awesome ideas from Instagram and pinterest and want to try them. Bit like walking into the candy store and wanting one of everything please! When it comes to trying a layout idea or paper technique I get a little shy with the 12 x 12 page. By having the 9 x 11 page i don't feel as shy to give it whirl.
I finally had a go at fringes on a page. Oh I am in love with the fringe! Why havent I tried is early. Ah, those fears and doubts. Who would think a great big 12 x 12 page can make you fearful? 

Its a another great way to use the bit and pieces from a kit. I always have leftovers from my Hip Kit club kit, and struggle to put the pieces into my stash, there so pretty!  I just want to do one more project with the kit. We all experience not having enough to create a full project, but there is enough for a quick and easy 9 x 11 page!

Rediscovering the album as given me fresh desire to fill it with prettiness, regardless of how many likes, or comments I get. After all, I am fulfilling my creativity itch!

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

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