November 4, 2016

Five things

 Project Life has always been a fun and pretty way to document the kids life. I have been project life-ing for about 4 years. Not one bit sorry.

Here's five reasons why I love project life.

One: I absolutely love looking through my photo album from my childhood that my Mum did for me. So many memories, good and bad, things i forgot that i did at just ten years of age. I want my children to be able look back at there photo album and experience what I feel when I look at my photo album. Nothing but gratitude and happiness  for my mother because she took the time to compile these amazing photo albums.

Two: Its a great way to remind myself to be thankful for each moment I have with my children. All I need to do is *wink* and  the kids will be leaving home and getting married. Each moment with them while there little is like a rare diamond. I am holding these kids close to me as much as I can.

Three: It helps this ol noggin of mine remember even the littlest things we accomplished.  I can guarantee when I get to that nursing home and the kids are showing me there albums it will bring a lot of joy to my heart, reminiscing back then...

Four: I get to make project life all pretty. It also gives me the opportunity to do a project life card when I don't have a lot of time to be creativity.

Five: Its a form of memory planning. The kids say funny things all the time. "Mum if your sick and tired of telling me to put your shoes away, then prehaps you should go to bed if your sick and tired..." They draw pretty pictures and leave little notes around the house. Arent they sweet. Project life is a place to store the memorabilia. I can pop in the arm band from when they went to the inflatable water park,  the packaging from there favorite chocolate bar at the age of seven. All these little things change over a lifetime, so in fact, this project life album can be a piece of the children's childhood history.

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