November 17, 2016

TAGS: Mixed media

Happy Monday!
Lets, argh, pretend to enthusiastic about Mondays.
Got try, right?

Monday nights,
thats another story!

Mondays aside, I have  some tags to share with you using more Shimmerz!
3 different tags and 3 different shimmerz products.
Now, before look at the prettiness,
I shall warn you that,
1. I tried to make these masclin like. Well, because I have zilch bam nothing in my tag basket that even resmebles male.
2. I fought tooth and nail to not put any flowers.
3. I gave in. I put just a few flowers, because if I didnt I would have no hair left on my head.
4. I think there mascuin enough.

Products used: Coloringz, Well Blue me down, Oh Say can U sea, No yoking, Don't citron me. 
                         Vibez, Jeni B Ble
                        Spritz: Chance of rain
                         Aqua Huez: Green with Envy, Rockin Robin, Blue me away, Crazy Daisy, 
                                            Little Boy Blue, 

Tag 1: Gesso went down first to give me a base to work off. I then added some texture paste with a small triangle stencil. I then used Aqua Huez. I like to start off with light colour and then build it. Then I add on some colouringz for a bit of brightness and some paint splatters. Then I add all my bits and pieces to create the tag.

Tag 2:  This time I went brights straight up. I simpy spraying around some colouringz and a little vibez. Not only do I love the vibrance but also how it shows up the texture.

Tag 3: I went with all Aqua Huez.  To make the Aqua Huez brighter I simply waited for the pot to become drier. I did however jsut add some splatter with coloringz.

Some mixed media, masculine type tags.
Well, I tried! :-)

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

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