December 7, 2016

December is under construction.

 Yes, it's another Mini Album. No ordinary Mini Album, a ' under construction'  December album, it's sparkly and magical inside.

I know the 'traditional' way to document using the Ali E December Daily approach, is document in days and documenting the happenings daily. I mean, "daily", duh! But like most families we all different traditions and ways of celebration the season. Some a little more spiritual, where as others its a perfect reason to gather friends and family, have a big ol chin wag and eat and eat and eat and drink and eat and eat. People have their own traditions, different to their neighbor.

I am that 'different' December Daily neighbor. My December Mini Album is dropping the daily. My documenting will be done in 'sections', which means it will constantly evolve this month. The yellow and black s sign that says "Road work ahead" on the side of the road... that's my album.

Already you can see blank spaces there. Looks rather unappetizing. Come the end of the month there will be no blank spaces. More ice-cream, swimming, recipe photos and magic.

Under construction for 23 days.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

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