December 30, 2016

Twenty sixteen you've been kind

Heres why there in my top nine for twenty sixteen.

1. Mini Album - Part way through the year I decided to take a photo a month of the three kids together and document it in a mini album. If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I love creating Mini albums.  It takes not more than 15 mins a month to pop the photos in. I try to add at least 4 or 5  photos on the session. It shows a serious of crazy  kids are and the not so co-operating children at times in the photos. 6 months full of memories and another 6 months to go.

2. Creative Layouts - Just the last few weeks I have been concentrating more on the story of the page and thinking about how I can reflect that better on the layout. Creating scene like pages and making pictures with paper. Stay tuned for more of this. Its so therapeutic paper piecing and hand stitching.

3. Project Life - Those photos of my daughter make me smile. A place to put all those 'silly' photos of  my children so they can remember them when their 21 years old. Otherwise I'd forget the moment!

4.  Mini Album - This was completed in October for the #31minsfor31days. An opportunity to create each day before the craziness of end of school, Christmas and New year. I also love the handmade fabric cover i made and have this on my list to make another one soon. Even better it has documented MY days.  (not about the kids days but My days as a mother/wife)

5. Layouts on a small scale  - This year I started making some 9 x 12 inch layouts.  My idea is to continue this on. Making layouts this size gives me a smaller scale to play on when time is limited but your itching to create a layout. Another place to try new techniques on a small scale.

6. Tags and cards - These selection of tags are from my advent calendar I made for the kids at Christmas. There just cute and use of scraps and old products.

7. Project Life - One of many finished spreads from the #100dayproject. I also love the brightness of this page and my composition. Being fortunate enough to use Hip Kit project life kit.

8. New techniques - I have always struggled to 'get on the wagon' when it comes to techniques. Fringing technique I have always admired and so glad i tried it. This layout is my favourite. Not just for the fringing but for the memory that is documented of my three kids. There'll be 'more having a go' at something new in twenty seventeen. I want to push the creativity boundary a little more and not be a scaredy cat.

9. Project life cards - I absolutely loved the #100dayproject this year. Not only did I keep up with a 100  a day and got my project life all upto date. It meant I spent a few minutes a day for me. Simply creating and documenting memories.

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  1. Very beautiful! I love your style!! Thanks for the inspiration!


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