January 4, 2017

Remembering today.

Happy New Year! The year may bring tough times. But we should remember there is still always, always, something to be thankful for. We should be grateful because it teaches us and helps us grow. We must never judge others, because we don't know whats going inside there heart. Perhaps the lady at the coffee shop just had a miscarriage and the man who ran rudely through the shopping centre is grabbing flowers to take to his dyeing mother.

We need to find love, strength and kindness to others and to ourselves. Teach our children to be thankful for each day.

I am beyond grateful to  have been invited to join the team at In the Scrap and share my first project.  I need to share my creativity and memory keeping in other lands where there is not as much inspiration in that land as to here in Australia. I want to be kind and teach to them the art of memory keeping.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

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  1. Happy New Year. Pretty page and diggin' all the layers.


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