February 21, 2017

A little balloon deflating.

Ever felt a little whole in your heart, but yet you just cant find it and wonder what it needs to filled? Perhaps you feel a like a balloon slowly being deflated. You want to stay like a nice round balloon, full of air and waiting for little fingers to play with you, to love you and take care of you.

Life can slowly put a little prick in your balloon and the air slowly releases out. You try to keep yourself a float, you nurture yourself, you try to stay calm but still that little whole is releasing air and your slowly deflating. How can this whole be patched up?

Sometimes it takes a little self care. Time to strengthen yourself. Reflect on how far you've come and the many many blessings you have.  To simply be thankful for all you have.

I've had this longing in my heart to send some pretty things to someone. To swap pocket letters and share a little kindness and love.  I am only a ammeter at these, but I can tell you that it certainly patched that little whole in my balloon. Making this pocket letter made me thankful for just the simply of creating. Sticking pretty things together and filling it with pretties for someone to cherish.

I want to keep this balloon tight and full of air. If you want to trade Pocket letters, leave me a comment, email me or pop over to Instagram.

Friends, find that little whole, search your heart and fill it.
Your balloon will thank you!


  1. What a gorgeous idea xx I know what you mean about the wondering...........

  2. I would love to swap pocket letters with you!

    1. Oh excellent Tracy! I will get in touch with you! XO


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