February 7, 2017

Why I am Project life -ing again.

I have made a start on Project life for twenty - seventeen. I will continue with completing 3 albums for this year. One each for the kids.

Heres why I will do it this way.

1. I just love the idea of the kids having there own individual album, full of photos, stories and memorabilia. When I was a little girl, my mother always put photos into a photo album right from birth till I left home. These albums are ones I often get out and the kids and I look back at what I did when I was there age. The photo album holds so many memories, that its not until I look at the photo and I remember. So what I am trying to do, is re-create that photo album, but with lots of prettiness and journaling.

2. Sure, it can feel repetitive and feel a little mundane because I am often using a photo 3 times, (one in each album), but that's where I want to push my creativity this year, think about what I can do different to document that photo in the album.

3. I want to try and branch out a little this year with my technqiues on my spreads. So this spread in Piper album has lots of hand stitching.  I kept going back to that thought of hand stitching around the word 'fantastic'.  I find hand stitching very therapeutic, especially at night when the kids are tucked in and hubby out in the dark on the farm working away still. Its just nice and relaxing to sit and hand stitch and ponder about the day it was.

4. Project life reaps a lot of positive for me. It helps me to see and remember what adventures we've shared together. The places our feet have trod and the words we've utter, that brings us to deep belly giggles.

5. Project Life also makes me take photos daily. To use my camera and freeze the moment. Sure there are times when you simply dont feel like 'clicking', but that's when I restore to pen and paper. Recording the day. It almost becomes a visual diary of the kids lives.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

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