March 31, 2017

Today is for paper squares.

I often have lots of scraps left over from projects and I hoard them. My stash of paper scraps is ignominious! Please tell me I am not alone. I decided to use a few bit and pieces up by cutting them into squares and then stitching them together to create a background for my page.
Very patchwork style, but I love it.

Then because I didnt want to cover all those squares up, I decided to use some white cardstock to use as a base to build the rest of page.   I wanted to carry through the grid design from the squares of paper, so I hand stitched a grid and then add some embellishments to each of those rectangles.

I used long stitch, cross stitch and back stitch in my page. I did alot of cross stitching many years ago, so I love adding in those different stitches I learnt then.

Hope this inspires you use up scraps and add some detail with hand stitching.
 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

March 29, 2017

Hand stitching on Project Life

Another bright colourful Project life spread for Hip kits using up the last of the February 2017 Project life kit.

I have been incorporating a lot of hand stitching in my scrapbook layouts, so I thought I would have a go and put it on here too.

Play like no one is watching

 Hi there! Back here today with another layout using the  Hip kit club March 2017 kit. I decided today to go with a monochromatic layout. Why not challenge yourself on a Monday? Great way to kick start your creative for the working week, right!

When I first opened up the kit, and picked my chin up off the floor and got over the ooohs and arghs... seriously, have you got the March kit, its unbelievable! So much awesomeness!  I originally thought of going with a monochromatic page of pinks. But then, I was thinking, too easy, do something more challenging, so I went with yellow. I pulled out all the yellow embellishments and papers from Dear Lizzy, Crate paper and Pink Paislee, and guess what.. there is a ton of yellow in the kit.. don't be fooled friends by what you see first, challenge yourself and you'll find different things you never saw before.

So I did a lot of fussy cutting, (again) on this layout. I cut out those yellow squares from the Pink Paislee paper, those super cute houses from Dear Lizzy paper (dont forget to cut all those clouds and hearts out too, dont leave them behind), and used the stencil and Shimmerz paste-eez from the colour kit. This page would have to a favorite of mine right now. 

Did you see the Shimelle paper with the big words on it? Its awesome isnt it! The yellow words "like" and "play" I fussy cut out for my title.

Do you know whats better? beside chocolate and coffee... that I have a ton of yellow left too for more layouts. Now that's value for money with kits uh! 

Hope you like my layout today, all sunshiny and bright for Monday morning and hope it inspires you to be creative this week.

March 24, 2017

Easter layout with Shimmerz

Easter is not far away and shimmerz has some really beautiful shimmery colours to help document Easter this year. Today I have a layout on the Shimmerz blog using a real mix of products.

Products used: Aqua huez - Little Lily/ crazy daisy / blue me away / little boy blue 
Actritonez - 3 sheets to the wind / pinkadelic 
Coloringz - pink stiltoes / heidi ho blue 
Vibez - jeni B Blue/ sweet heart 

First off for my background I mixed some Actritonez with coloringz. The Actritonez acted as my gesso because there self priming and would stop the coloringz from bleding through the page.  I added is some Aqua Huez and paint splatters.

I started then building my page. I pop in some of those flowers that I made with paste-eez and coloringz. Pop to this video to see how I made them.

I used some scrap pieces of paper to create some of my own colour cardstock with the left over shimmerz. You can see the purple at the top of the page and the round circle.

Here is a process video to see how i made this layout with Shimmerz.

March 22, 2017

Fun, cute and lovely Project life.

Most of you know that I love taking photos and then printing them out. Not just one photo printed, but millions. Tee hee. I have so many photos of the kids that I want to put them all into scrapbooking Layout, but lets be realistic, that will never happen.

But project life, yes, there's a possibility of putting all those photos into a spread. I love my project  life album full of photos. Not to mention that the kids love looking at the album too. These albums are also great to start conversations with the kids and even use the album to help them with projects. One my sons had to do a time capsule last year, and it was great to use project life album to help us remember the 'highlights' from that year.

One thing I absoulelty love doing with the project life cards from the Hip kit club kit, is fussy cut the emelments and sentitments from the cards. I have done that with the "Love" card.  This card was horizontal, but I wanted to use it vertical to fit my page, so I fussy cut those letters out and then stitched them.

Time to create more memories with the kids so I can take photos and record it!

chasing dreams

Hello! Today I have a project using the Hip kit February 2017 kit. Now, if you have a phobia of butterflies, look away! Tee hee.. no, seriously, these butterflies are  so pretty. Tell me one person, who saw this sheet paper in the kit, from Crate Paper chasing dreams collection, who didn't cut them out? Its hard not to right? So, I spent a l o t of time fussy cutting. My feet thanked me though, because I sat in the couch, all snug with my feet for a good few hours!

This layout turned out better than I expected. Its so pretty.
I didn't do a lot of embellishments because it would conflict with the butterflies. Doesn't mean I was tempted though. Of course layers under the photo dont count! tee hee

I did add a few circle elements to carry that through from the photo of my daughter. That photo couldn't be more perfect uh? My daughter had her first hair trim, shes nearly 2 and I was so worried she'd loose her curls, like most Mummy's with a daughter with curly hair. But, guess what, it made it curlier.  The hair dresser giggled because as her hair was drying, it just sprang up so quickly. Curls are staying girl!
Anyways... side tracked... I wanted a photo of the back of her hair, so in order to get her to 'stand still' for just 5 seconds, I told her to look at the wall with the magnifier glass... it worked I got my photo and more!

So when I was looking for photos to go with my butterflies, i could not go past this one. Couldn't be more perfect!
I wasn't real sure where to add my journaling, so I decided to tuck it in the top as a layer.
Happy dreaming butterflies folk!

March 20, 2017

Cute Project Life spread

Happy Monday!
Its quiet, except for the happy birds singing their morning song. I wanted to sit down here and share with you a Project Life spread from the lastest Jot magazine Issue 17 magazine.

Reflecting and reminding myself of precious memories I share with my family. I am so happy that I have countined on with the album  this year.
Lets be honest.
I was thinking of saying "No, I did last year and the year before, and the one before that..." 
But I what if this year there was some year amazing that happened,
What the kids asked me when I was 80 years old what we did in twenty seventeen and my mind would not recall those moments.

The many reasons why I kept going this year.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

March 17, 2017

Sweet layout and process video

Today I am sharing with a tutorial on our I made this page for this month sketch challenge.
I loved this sketch because it made me use two photos on the one page. I normally just use one photo on my layouts, so I was thankful for the push out of my comfort zone.

I loved our most of the elements in the sketch were diagonally from each other too. I didnt want to make the layout look to grid like, so I add in some circular embellishments to add more interest and take away that box feeling.

I used a lot of shimmerz on the background to create my mixed media. I wanted the background to just peek out behind the photo.

Of course I add in lots of layers and tucked in bits and pieces. I finished the page of with lots of handstitching.

Be sure to pop over to my You Tube channel and see how this came together.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

March 16, 2017

Happy drems

I have a new layout using the February 2017 Hip kit over on their Facebook page. When I go to my products in the kit, I always seem to see things a little different or out of the box. Always the different one! Tee hee.. echoed by hubby. 

See the bottom of the page with those beautiful rectangles, in pinks, teals and a yellow... well, they are the tags in the kit from Pretty little studio. I loved the patterns and wanted to use them. If i used them as tags on the layout, I think my eye would see the tag eyelet more than the pattern. My thoughts anyways. Now, I am a huge tag lover, so me being me, remember the different one, I cut the tops off the tags and saved the top eyelet part of the tag. Evidence under the photo, and decided to stick the rest of the tag at the bottom as a collage. I added lots of stitching to them for more interest and so the rectangles didn't look flat. Stitching just adds a little more dimension.

I also loved the flowers that match the tags too and incorporated a few as layers under the photo. Added in some of the gold embellishments from the kit which just softens the page and adds a little bit of a femininity, I guess to the page. I mean, what girl doesnt love gold! Tee hee

After umming and ahhing, and much procrastination, another bad trait, i backed my page with the black and white 'weekend' paper.

Yeah for Project life

Back again! This time I have a project life spread for you, using the February 2017 Project life kit. You all know that I love embellishing my scrapbook layouts with tons of embellishments, well, I like that with my project life spread too.
I've been doing project life for about 5 years now, but that last 2 years I have changed my take a little on project life. I talk about it in my process video.

But what i absolutely love about this kit is not just those beautiful colour thickers, but all the sentiments on the Crate Paper chasing dreams sticker sheet.
A little trick that works a treat for me is, that I always put my stickers on scrap paper, who doesnt have a million little bits on their desk or um, on the floor, yes, i am putting my hand and owning up to the floor on the paper thing, well, i put the stickers on the paper and then i cut them out, this allows me to move my sentiments around on the project life spread, before I commit to sticking it down. I move alot of embellishments around, more on Project life than a scrapbook page, simply because sometimes its harder to get  balance. My project life can get a little busy at times.

More on that next time.
For now, I hope this inspires your project life spreads, to capture and document the everyday life.