March 20, 2017

Cute Project Life spread

Happy Monday!
Its quiet, except for the happy birds singing their morning song. I wanted to sit down here and share with you a Project Life spread from the lastest Jot magazine Issue 17 magazine.

Reflecting and reminding myself of precious memories I share with my family. I am so happy that I have countined on with the album  this year.
Lets be honest.
I was thinking of saying "No, I did last year and the year before, and the one before that..." 
But I what if this year there was some year amazing that happened,
What the kids asked me when I was 80 years old what we did in twenty seventeen and my mind would not recall those moments.

The many reasons why I kept going this year.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

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