March 10, 2017

five thing.

1. I am currently here at the PC waiting for a new process video to finish saving and a coffee. I am truly thankful for the beautiful HeyNaedaily who gave me a very, gentle, shove, and very kindly encouraged me to start my process videos. She took away the scariness and calm the trembling hands, put the mind into positive drive  and now I have about 5 process videos waiting for their time to be loaded to You tube. There was a little skepticism when she said "once you start you wont stop taking videos"... true my friend, its a fun and very rewarding process for me. To share my love of documenting and capturing memories. Never mind that she responded to so many SOS messages, and still will talk to me... Tee hee.. All thanks to HeyNaeDaily! 

2. I am currently compiling a layout, which centers around dreams and butterflies. Consider it a February 2017 Hip kit creation. Only an hour and half of fussy cutting and hand stitching. My feet were very thankful to be up and resting. Win win uh!

3. I am be wiled as to how we only have 3 weeks left of Term 1 at school. These kids have the best start to there education for twenty seventeen. Only one " I have a sore finger and cant go to school" kind of excuse. Nice try matey, but off you go. Don't worry he told me that afternoon as he got off the school bus, that he had the best day because he won "student of the class" for that week. Mummy's know best, son. School days are some of the best days of your younger years. Trust me. I know! Tee hee 

4. Listening to a little toddle chomping on what appears to be all the pieces of fruit in the fruit bowl. What... how'd she get to the bench... Disclaimer.. no falls, bumps or scrapes appear in this incident, the so called starving toddler is fed. 

5. Surrounding myself with creations that need to go in albums. So before this one finds its home, I thought I would share the No-adhesive project from the Jot Magazine latest issue 17. Check it out friends. Perfect weekend reading.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

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  1. I watched your video yesterday and just loved watching you create. I look forward to seeing more. It is something I could never dream of doing...apart from time, I can't imagine being organised enough to video what I do. The amount of fluffing around that I do to create a page, my video would go for


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