March 22, 2017

Fun, cute and lovely Project life.

Most of you know that I love taking photos and then printing them out. Not just one photo printed, but millions. Tee hee. I have so many photos of the kids that I want to put them all into scrapbooking Layout, but lets be realistic, that will never happen.

But project life, yes, there's a possibility of putting all those photos into a spread. I love my project  life album full of photos. Not to mention that the kids love looking at the album too. These albums are also great to start conversations with the kids and even use the album to help them with projects. One my sons had to do a time capsule last year, and it was great to use project life album to help us remember the 'highlights' from that year.

One thing I absoulelty love doing with the project life cards from the Hip kit club kit, is fussy cut the emelments and sentitments from the cards. I have done that with the "Love" card.  This card was horizontal, but I wanted to use it vertical to fit my page, so I fussy cut those letters out and then stitched them.

Time to create more memories with the kids so I can take photos and record it!


  1. Thanks for the reminder about why to PL. I have hundreds of hundreds of thousands of photos of my boys now 13 and nearly 15 and always want to scrap them too but there are just too many. I sit and look and walk away and look and never get anything done. I love your reasoning for how you PL. Going to have a bit more of a play again. My 2 still love looking through their albums few as they are that they have. Thanks for the motivation.

    1. Maria, thank you for your kind words. So glad it has inspired you with project life. Truly is a wonderful way to keep memories! XO


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