April 4, 2017

Let the #the100dayproject for twenty seventeen begin...

 Hi Friends!

I wanted to pop by and talk to you about the #the100dayproject that started today. Think back to about  this time last year, I completed 100 project life cards, which kept me up to date with the kids project life albums.

Three reasons why I completed this task and made it to the end:
One. I gave myself this task because it was manageable. Each little project life card took me no more than 15 minutes a day. Having 5 minutes while I take some deep breaths amidst the evening ciaos. Then taking another 5 minutes while the kids are outside.  Not only did it make me stop and have some 'self care', but it was rewarding. I was documenting for kids, in their albums.

Two. My project life cards were helping me complete a project I wanted to do. My heart was in this project. It encouraged my reasoning's as to why I complete Project life.

Three. I believe it was because I didn't put any limitations or restrictions on myself. It didn't matter if the card had only journaling and no prettiness (because I didnt get anymore time that day). I wasn't concerned if it was a matter of printing a photo, and adding a sticker. I had no pressure on myself. These cards did not have to pinterest or instagram worthy. My goal was to put a project life card in the kids albums.

Now if you take my main reasons from each of those number points,
*Something that takes minimal time
* Completing something that has my heart in it
* No limitations or restrictions, the project is for you to enjoy not to try and satisfy another.

 Last year I had packed away a whole lot of empty 6 x 8 albums, which served the purpose of useless. Yes, I have been cleaning and tidying the shed and found those albums and admired them again.  Anyways, I kept coming back to an ongoing mini album, with no purpose, no theme, just an album to put stuff in.

So, for my #the100dayproject this year, I will make one those albums a continual mini album, with no purpose, no limitations as to what goes in with an objective to do something for 15 minutes a day.

Hundred days is a long stint, i understand, so I always break it into chucks. I look at this as 30 days, once that's finished, look at another 30 days... Once again I have taken that unnecessary pressure off myself, by looking at little bit by little bit.

Here's to 100 days in an album!
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