April 6, 2017

Recharge yourself with just ten minutes of creativity

Hello friends! School break for my kids here, so that means i am listening to fits of giggles, the hum of a race car and the "oh cool" from a Lego creation.  This can be a time when we as Mothers don't get the 'down time' we need to recharge ourselves each day.

I find recharging myself more important when the kids are all home on school break, because lets be honest, we can loose our 'cool' a little easier than on a weekend when there home for the 2 days out of seven. Its harder to do a little 'something' for yourself because the kids are there 24/7 demanding you.
"Mum, what can I eat?" 
Never mind there's a fridge full of food and pantry overflowing. 

My recharging is definitely craft. Scrapbooking. Sewing. DIY's at home. But how do we get the time to do that? I don't have a magic lamp to rub and poof there's your answer, but, what I do, is take off the expectation of 'me time'. Ten minutes playing with paper and glue is better than none.
Be grateful for the little things each day.
Sometimes I manage thirty minutes a day, because the kid play outside or are just pre-occupied playing happily.

This is were a sketch for your layouts can be the bees knees. It can be a lifesaver. All the thinking of a design is done. When you look at  sketch, lets use this one for Hip Kits as an example, you see the circle of stars, then the triangle. These are just elements for the base of your design, It doesn't mean you have to put a triangle under your circle of stars. The sketch is your guide, your interpretation.

I want you challenge yourself, to take just 10 minutes for you, to be crafty and have a sketch ready. Make that ten minutes for you profitable.
A quiet recharge just for you.
Trust me, you'll feel better after.

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