April 18, 2017

We are enough just how we are.

A few times I have caught myself thinking "I am not enough",  not self - accepting, being critical  of ever little decision I make, second guessing myself and comparing myself to other people.

Since I have started this #the100dayproject of simply spending 10 minutes for myself, documenting, with no purpose, no thought to the way the page will turn out. Its help me  'catch' those negative vibes and just realise where I am. To reflect, to relax and simply do the best I can.

I originally started this mini album without a purpose, to put in whatever I feel inspired to do. It seems that each time I sit down, I am documenting moments, thoughts, photos of me.  Realising that this little album is all about 'me'. A place with no criticism, and no judgement.

This album is fast becoming a 'searching' tool for my thoughts. To shake off the negative thoughts, the comparison of me to 'Sally' and simply be me.
This world is full enough of negativity that I dont need to be contributing to it too.
We are enough just how we are.

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