May 22, 2017

More Project lfe

G'Day there friends,
I have another Project Life page using the April Project life kit from Hip Kits.

I loved the Vicki Boutin crayons that came in the colour kit and the rub ons from the Project life kit. There a bit like resist rub on. When you put them on the paper, there clear but soon as you rub the crayon over the top, you see the most beautiful pattern.

Lots of nice bright colours in this kit. Look at the alphas and the sticker sentiments from the sticker book. Just beautiful.

Here is the process video

May 19, 2017

Bright colourful Mini Album

 Hello, Felicity here today with a bright, colourful,fun Mini Album. Ive used the April kit to create this little keepsake.
 To create my page I used the cardstock kit and cut all the cardstock to 6 x 4 and used my corner punch on the ends.

My photos vary in size from 4 x 4 to about 3 x 5. I stuck the photo down first and then embellished.
 I used the Pink Fresh Acetate tags as layers in my album to break the pages up and add extra interest.

I also used a lot of the pink fresh embellishements from the embellishment kit.

 I couldnt help but add a little sequin pocket in there too.

 I have a video for you that helps you see this album a little better. I love making mini albums, there fun and cute and great way to use up a series of photos too.

May 18, 2017

A layout that takes many turns.

Hello lovely people! Felicity here with a layout inspired by May moodboard this month. Buttons, triangles, pastels, stripes and not forgetting marshmallows.  Tee Hee

Now, this layout too a lot of twists. What I 'thought' would work, didnt. So I changed the page completely around, tried that and nope... but in the end I love my layout. But more importantly is I loved the process this page took me through. Make sure you watch the video below.

I am have been a little to ambious but I want to try and mix all those fun patterns into my page. The circles, the triangles and the stripes. I loved the real mix this moodboard gave, but as I said what I planned to do, turned out waaaaay different. Us girls are allowed to change your mind, right?

When you look at a moodboard, its designed to 'kick start' your creative. Yes, I loved the pastels but that wasnt what drew me to create what I did. It was the patterns.  Always remember, there is no right or wrong way with a moodboard, we are all different and all look at different things to inspire us. We are individuals creating beauitful things.

When you look at moodboard, look at like a child would? See the marshmallows, see the rainbow... then sit and create. You'll be pleasant surprised where those thoughts take you.

I hope you like my page and be sure you watch my video, watch careful because its like a windy road!

Tell your story.

I  have my Story telling layout up on the Jot Magazine blog.
Pop by and find out how this all came together.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

May 15, 2017

#the100dayproject update

Day 1 2 & 3 

Ok, I started off in the race to cross the finish line with 100 days in my 'thoughtful Mini Album'. That intention lasted about 20 days, I think.

I am at stand still, in the middle of the race,  with my head hanging low looking at the ground. Its not real picturesque, its quiet miserable actually. You still have a vision of crossing the finish line, but your standing still and don't want to be quitter. Now what?

Day 4  & 5

You lift your head up, look ahead to the finish line and refocus. That my friends is what I have done this weekend. I love the 100 day project idea, I have good memories from it last year and wonderfully, beautiful project life albums for my kiddos. With a change of approach and back to what I know, I will reach the finish line with 100 project life cards.

Day 41 - Todays card 

Sometimes, we set ourselves up with new ideas, new intentions but those 'new' things don't always work. Yes, its easy to fall it the 'failure' trap, but you only fail if you give up. So I am not giving up.

This project is fun, there is no stress, and no pressure. If there is, its because you've put that extra stress and pressure on yourself unnecessarily.

Today marks day 41 in the project. Now friends, that day 41 is from 'so called' beginning of the challenge, but because there is no pressure or time restraints, it means I can
a) start today as day 1 and finish the 100 days in August sometime
b) start with Day 41 and complete those 40 cards in the next 60 days to finish the 100 days as originally planned in July.

Day 6 & 7 

I am going to start off on Day 41 and catch up those cards in 60 days. Its very very do-able. I am secretly kicking myself that I didn't take the approach of the project cards like I did last year, that I absolute loved and enjoyed.

But we learn from mistakes.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

Mothers day tags

I hope all you wonderful mothers had a beautiful Mothers Day.   I thought it would be nice for me to share my two mothers day tags with you using Shimmerz. 

Products used: Pastee-ez Salt of the earth 
  Colouringz: Concert, peachy keen  and Well blue me down 

I mixed the Pastee-ez with the concert spray to get that grey tone and then used a stencil and palette knife to put the pastee-ez down.
I add in lots of splatters and some sprays underneath the cluster.

Cute little tags for loved mothers.

May 11, 2017

Kids together Mini Album

Arent Mini albums addicitive? They are a whole lot of fun.

Last year, I took a photo for a month of my kids together. I didnt bother myself with pressure of a certain day or a 'posed' photo, I just wanted to get a photo of them together.

I then put these photos in a little mini album. I think the size of the abum is 4 inches by about 6 inches. Because I end up with a series of photos each month of them, some of them being hilarous, I wanted to include a selection from that month.

I then created some super cute tags from bits and pieces and used frames to decorate them.

I also included some little notes about the photo, the date and place. I also added in some cute sentiment stickers as well.

I enjoyed making this so much. Heres a little video of the finished album.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

May 9, 2017

May moodboard at Jot

Another beautiful warm toned moodboard over at Jot. I loved the big title and how some of the photos at a prominent divide. This inspired me to create that with my layout and use a longer title than I normally would.

Pop over to Jot to see more inspiration.

 photo b14aab11-c343-4b9f-bec1-896291fc7892_zpspbti8bqf.png

May 8, 2017

National Scrapbooking Day with Hip Kits

I am so excited to be sharing with you my first National Scrapbooking Day challenge for Hip Kits.

Pop over and have a look at my challenge here.

When I saw this moodboard I saw individual design elements. It inspired me to use these photos  int the moodboard to create some Project life filler cards.

My challenge for you:
Is to create 3 Project life cards, or if your not a project life person, turn them into tags. But, i want you to use the moodboard as your design.
For example, the picture with scallops, I create a card using all scallops. My other card, I used all circles from the picture of the paints and my third card, I used the pineapple project life card from the April Project Life kit.

Get creative and load your 3 cards/tags by Monday night EST (2pm Tuesday 8th May Australian Standard time) for your chance to win.

Dont forget, have fun with it and enjoy your process :)