May 18, 2017

A layout that takes many turns.

Hello lovely people! Felicity here with a layout inspired by May moodboard this month. Buttons, triangles, pastels, stripes and not forgetting marshmallows.  Tee Hee

Now, this layout too a lot of twists. What I 'thought' would work, didnt. So I changed the page completely around, tried that and nope... but in the end I love my layout. But more importantly is I loved the process this page took me through. Make sure you watch the video below.

I am have been a little to ambious but I want to try and mix all those fun patterns into my page. The circles, the triangles and the stripes. I loved the real mix this moodboard gave, but as I said what I planned to do, turned out waaaaay different. Us girls are allowed to change your mind, right?

When you look at a moodboard, its designed to 'kick start' your creative. Yes, I loved the pastels but that wasnt what drew me to create what I did. It was the patterns.  Always remember, there is no right or wrong way with a moodboard, we are all different and all look at different things to inspire us. We are individuals creating beauitful things.

When you look at moodboard, look at like a child would? See the marshmallows, see the rainbow... then sit and create. You'll be pleasant surprised where those thoughts take you.

I hope you like my page and be sure you watch my video, watch careful because its like a windy road!

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