May 5, 2017

Recharging with paper and glue

I need some beach time.  Longing to put my feet in the sand and to hear the sound of the crashing waves as I wake. Gah, I am feeling the affects of exhaustion, and the need to recharge my batteries.

But you know what, a trip to the beach is a long way off, its a busy time for us on the farm, so it means that I need to search out ways to recharge myself.  I guess scrapbooking this photo of my son at the beach hasnt help matters. Tee hee. 

These tougher times we face in life, helps me to appreciate those in life that make me smile. They bring a sense of relaxation and helps me see the beauty around about me.

Putting this page together, for Hip Kits sketch this week, has help to see that relaxation does not have to be at beach. I just need to sit and engross myself in paper and glue. Even changing some furniture in the  home, watching the sunrise and making a Sponge cake enjoyed with hot coffee on the veranda is ways to recharge myself.

In the meantime I'll keep dreaming about the sand between my toes and making cups of coffee ... Tee hee

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