May 15, 2017

#the100dayproject update

Day 1 2 & 3 

Ok, I started off in the race to cross the finish line with 100 days in my 'thoughtful Mini Album'. That intention lasted about 20 days, I think.

I am at stand still, in the middle of the race,  with my head hanging low looking at the ground. Its not real picturesque, its quiet miserable actually. You still have a vision of crossing the finish line, but your standing still and don't want to be quitter. Now what?

Day 4  & 5

You lift your head up, look ahead to the finish line and refocus. That my friends is what I have done this weekend. I love the 100 day project idea, I have good memories from it last year and wonderfully, beautiful project life albums for my kiddos. With a change of approach and back to what I know, I will reach the finish line with 100 project life cards.

Day 41 - Todays card 

Sometimes, we set ourselves up with new ideas, new intentions but those 'new' things don't always work. Yes, its easy to fall it the 'failure' trap, but you only fail if you give up. So I am not giving up.

This project is fun, there is no stress, and no pressure. If there is, its because you've put that extra stress and pressure on yourself unnecessarily.

Today marks day 41 in the project. Now friends, that day 41 is from 'so called' beginning of the challenge, but because there is no pressure or time restraints, it means I can
a) start today as day 1 and finish the 100 days in August sometime
b) start with Day 41 and complete those 40 cards in the next 60 days to finish the 100 days as originally planned in July.

Day 6 & 7 

I am going to start off on Day 41 and catch up those cards in 60 days. Its very very do-able. I am secretly kicking myself that I didn't take the approach of the project cards like I did last year, that I absolute loved and enjoyed.

But we learn from mistakes.

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