July 7, 2017

Versatility and value go hand in hand.

You know when you get a hip kit and your like "wouldnt it cool to just use everything?" Because these kits are chockas full of prettness, I do struggle to kit it. Even after 4 layouts, a few project life pages and a Mini album.

Well, the May kit I killed!! All I have is scraps, maybe i would get a few cards or tags, but that's it friends. I have done 6 layouts, 3 Project life pages and a Mini album. Yep, friends, that value for money uh!

I really wanted to use more those exclusive alphas in the kit. The colour was like, Oh my... so pretty and the font, yeah, beautiful. So I decided to put some words that describe Missy Moo vertically on the page. Of course I had to add some hand stitching.

I love those Prima watercolours too that came in the colour kit. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, considering it was my 10th project with the kits!!

Go grab them friends, you wont be disappointed!!

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  1. You did well with your croaky voice. Love your pretty layout. Do you use embroidery thread for your handstitching Felicity?


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