August 25, 2017

three tips on creating birthday Project Life page

I love creating a Project life page all about their birthdays. When creating birthday spreads, it can be a little tricky to get the balance right.

Heres a few tips to help you, hopefully create a birthday page.

Tip 1:  If you have photos that a rather busy and perhaps not to appealing to the eye. Change the photo to black and white. This will  help the photo be a little more appealing because there is not so much 'clutter' going on.

Tip 2: Limit the amount photos in the page, create a double page if you have too. Add in lots of blank spaces by using the exclusive project life cards to break the page up. Often with birthday spreads, we can have a lot of photos and moments to docuement. Dont try and jam it all in one page or the page will be simply to busy. Think ' Less is more!'

Tip 3: Dont forget to record your journalling. Be as creative as you can, add it the photo, a card beside the photo or hidden journalling. Even save some wrapping paper or ribbon from the day and pop that in behind your photo. Memorbilia is just important as the photos and journaling too!

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  1. Great ideas. I will have to try the black and white photos more.


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