October 27, 2017

triangles, circles and squares

Lets be honest right now! This page, for Hip kits using the September kit,  did not come together how I planned it too. Always the way, uh. I had the idea of using the squares from the 'Turn the page' paper and cutting them into small triangles. I wanted to scattered them with some punched out circles and have some shimmerz from the colour kit poking through.

 I knew I want to keep the 'jigsaw' affect to one half of the page and have lots of white space to balance all the colour. I did that and was happy. UNTIL... tee hee

I then added my photo and created lots of layers. But I know now if i moved that photo to the top of the page and allow the follow more of 'jigsaw' pieces under neath to really flow and not be blocked by the photo, I think I would loved this a lot more.

Then me being me... tee hee.. I decided to try and back the page on the blue paper from the main kit, to add more depth. Instead I feel like made the page worse...Oopsie. So here it is, a page, I want to re-do, but yet a page full of creativity lessons and more inspiration for the next.

So any time you feel like this, "I am not loving it" - I want you draw on the lessons and most importantly draw on the inspiration to create your next beautiful project :)

October 26, 2017

Colourful arty school project life spread

I absolutely loved the project life cards in the September Hip Kit, because I've had these photos of my eldest son, just 'goofing' about before school, that I knew they need to go in his project life album.

The perfect card with 'school' and all those stars through the kit, sure made it fun and easy to put this together.

Of course I added lots of 'doodling' and some shimmerz splatters as well. I thought the little of shimmerz also was a 'trade mark' for a school project life spread.

The bright colours on the cards meant that I used a a few black and white photos, so that i didnt 'distract' all those beautiful cards.

Lets not forget the exclusive alphas as well :)  Be sure to check out the process video as well!!

October 23, 2017

all snuggled up with coffee

Hello Lovely people!
I'm super excited to be sharing some cute little cards with you today using the September kit from Hip kit club. 

Its a little windy outside, the leaves are blowing and the trees are slowly turning beautiful shades of greens and yellows. The fire is crackling, you sit in your warm cozy socks, nice big red and black scarf with a hot chocolate and marshmallows of course, in your hand. You look to the right and these your family all playing a board game filling the room with laughter and love.

Does that little scene sound like fall, for all those in the Northerner hemipshere? I created these two cards with that scene in mind.

By know you would all know that I love coffee, so it would be no surprise that more coffee mugs feature on my cards. I also wanted to add in some of those fun embellishments from the main kit and embellishment kit that had lots of butterflies and flowers.  I then choose my title for the cards, drawing inspiration from the warmness of the fires and the family time inside.

It true Felicity style, I layer and layer up all the papers and embellishments. I used lots of 3D dots for demision and also some thread for fibers, not forgetting some shimmerz splatters from the colour kit. 

I hope these cards inspire you to create some pretty fall cards.
Snuggle up, enjoy your cuppa and hug your loved ones!!

Happy fall for all those in the northern hemisphere.

October 18, 2017

Coffee, coffee mugs, coffee...

Hello lovely people, Felicity here today with a layout using the Hip Kit club September kit and the sketch for the 13th October.

I absolutely love the big rectangle behind the photo and the other elements to compliment the design. I've had  my eye on this coffee mug paper from the Paige Evans turn your page collection in the Main kit  since I got the kit, that it was time to use it! (shh.. I was saving that paper for a special project.. tee hee) Perfect for the element behind the photo.

So I spend a good while, yes whilst drinking coffee as well, and fussy cut out a lot of those mugs. Oh there cute and so bold and bright. Not to mention the sentiments on a few of them. Love it :) 

To add a little depth to the page, I then used some 3D dots to make them 'jump out at you'. Who doesn't want coffee jumping at you, especially in the morning!! tee hee.  Then I went to all my embellishments in the kit and started layering them on the left of the photo to create that layer element on the sketch.

I loved mixing up the chipboard, the paper and the sticker embellishments. Just adds some real interest to the page. I then used the sewing machine to add in those faint lines on the left and the bottom of the photo. I went with a pale teal minty colour, because there was all ready a lot of colour going on, I did want to go 'over' top and make it to busy for eye.

Then to take away all the 'stark' white I decided to use some of the shimmerz from the colour kit and create some splatters. It truly finished the page off. 

All though this is a busy kind of page for me, I just love it. Not just because its all about coffee and coffee mugs!! Yes I have a bit of weakness, I love buying coffee mugs, my cupboard over flows with them. If  its not scrapping embellishments Im purchasing, its coffee mugs!! Tee hee

Here is my process video on how this came together :)

October 6, 2017



Just popping in to share a beautiful page using the September kit. I love the colour add on kits, because I love adding in mixed media to my pages. 

Mixed media is not something that has to fancy, all it means is some 'wet mediums' applied to your project. So, if you haven't tried mixed media, I would love you to try what I did. (make sure you watch my process video to see how easy it is).

Normally you would start with a gesso background which helps the page to not warp and for the mediums to  sit 'on top' and not soak into the page. This time, I didn't gesso.
 I like to experiment. 
Yes my page warped  a little, but  I just simply backed it on another piece of cardstock. 

I layer down the star stencil and then sprayed the shimmerz sprays. I started with the caribbean sunset colour first, I sprayed from a distance and then up close. 
What this does is allow for the spray to be lighter and darker creating more deminision. 
You can cover up the edges of the stencil with paper, so that the 'square' doesn't show, but I wasn't to worried. You will see why in a second. 
I then continued to layer the stencil altering between the three Shimmerz colours in the kit. Oh it looks pretty! 

Once I finished creating my background I then saw the faint square lines on the cardstock. That then gave me the idea to machine stitch around some of those lines in silver thread.  It just added more texture to the background. 

So pretty! 

Then I finished off with a few splatters of shimmerz too.
I proceed to then build my page and layer and layer and layer (tee hee).... lots of embellishments. I also decided on some subtle stamping as well from the embellishment kit. 

So grab your colour kit and just have a play with the sprays, remember it doesn't have to be hard or fancy. Just play, have fun and smile!!

Have a lovely creative week