October 6, 2017



Just popping in to share a beautiful page using the September kit. I love the colour add on kits, because I love adding in mixed media to my pages. 

Mixed media is not something that has to fancy, all it means is some 'wet mediums' applied to your project. So, if you haven't tried mixed media, I would love you to try what I did. (make sure you watch my process video to see how easy it is).

Normally you would start with a gesso background which helps the page to not warp and for the mediums to  sit 'on top' and not soak into the page. This time, I didn't gesso.
 I like to experiment. 
Yes my page warped  a little, but  I just simply backed it on another piece of cardstock. 

I layer down the star stencil and then sprayed the shimmerz sprays. I started with the caribbean sunset colour first, I sprayed from a distance and then up close. 
What this does is allow for the spray to be lighter and darker creating more deminision. 
You can cover up the edges of the stencil with paper, so that the 'square' doesn't show, but I wasn't to worried. You will see why in a second. 
I then continued to layer the stencil altering between the three Shimmerz colours in the kit. Oh it looks pretty! 

Once I finished creating my background I then saw the faint square lines on the cardstock. That then gave me the idea to machine stitch around some of those lines in silver thread.  It just added more texture to the background. 

So pretty! 

Then I finished off with a few splatters of shimmerz too.
I proceed to then build my page and layer and layer and layer (tee hee).... lots of embellishments. I also decided on some subtle stamping as well from the embellishment kit. 

So grab your colour kit and just have a play with the sprays, remember it doesn't have to be hard or fancy. Just play, have fun and smile!!

Have a lovely creative week


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