October 27, 2017

triangles, circles and squares

Lets be honest right now! This page, for Hip kits using the September kit,  did not come together how I planned it too. Always the way, uh. I had the idea of using the squares from the 'Turn the page' paper and cutting them into small triangles. I wanted to scattered them with some punched out circles and have some shimmerz from the colour kit poking through.

 I knew I want to keep the 'jigsaw' affect to one half of the page and have lots of white space to balance all the colour. I did that and was happy. UNTIL... tee hee

I then added my photo and created lots of layers. But I know now if i moved that photo to the top of the page and allow the follow more of 'jigsaw' pieces under neath to really flow and not be blocked by the photo, I think I would loved this a lot more.

Then me being me... tee hee.. I decided to try and back the page on the blue paper from the main kit, to add more depth. Instead I feel like made the page worse...Oopsie. So here it is, a page, I want to re-do, but yet a page full of creativity lessons and more inspiration for the next.

So any time you feel like this, "I am not loving it" - I want you draw on the lessons and most importantly draw on the inspiration to create your next beautiful project :)

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