November 15, 2017

Repetitive photos in Project life

 Over at Hip kits last week, we were looking at grateful projects. I love the idea that this week we are looking at grateful projects.  When it comes to project life, I like to think of it as documenting many photos and recording memories.

My daughter has a very loved Teddy since she was born. This Ted dries many tears, takes away a lot of pain, comforts her and showers her with endless love. These are the memories  I don't to miss and the photos I want to look back on in many many years time with her to show her much this Ted was loved. 

I had a series of photos taken of her with Ted, which truly reflects her love for Ted. So I thought that all the photos was great in her project life album.  
So when it comes to project life, don't be afraid to use repetition to tell the story. The idea of project life, for me, is to put all the memories and moments in one place. I loved also being able to change some of the photos to black and white to create more interest and a little drama.

The project life kit from October, was perfect with the beautiful tones of mustard, pinks, blue and reds. The unique project life cards again, make it so easy to create a beautiful spread and not to mention all the beautiful Pink fresh studio embellishments.

I challenge you this weekend, to record something that your truly grateful and thankful for. 
Be sure to share them in the forum :)

Happy creativity week!!


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