May 9, 2018

butterflies, flowers and rainbows

 Hey there :)
I want to share a fun layout with lots of bright colourful flowers and lots of rainbows.
Make sure you check out my process video below, but you will see that I have created three backgrounds with the colour kit and then I choose one to great my layout, another piece I created these tags and the 3rd piece will be used on another fun layout next week :)

I loved being able to use this stencil and the distress ink pads as a stamp. If you then add a little amount of water, the colours blend really nicely and creates a soft paint affect. So much fun to play. 
I then fussy cut some of those teeny tiny flowers and used the stencil as my guide to create little flowers, with a little sparkly gem to complete them. 
This page was so much fun to put together.

Happy crafty week!

May 4, 2018

Happy birthday Noni

Hello lovely people :)
Just wanted to pop by and share this page I created for the Hip Kit You Tube channel. Pop over and check out my process video and make sure you subscribe to their channel while your there.

April 28, 2018

Something different with Project Life cards

 Hello there friends,

If you've been long time fans of Hip kits and followed me, you would know that I love Project life. Especially Hip Kit exclusive Project life cards. 
Here I'm using the March Project life kit. 
 I wanted to show you a 6 x 8 Project life spread, where I have layered up the Project life cards. Im all about layers!! tee hee

Then I decided to use the project life cards and create little tags with them. Aren't they cute. 
So if your the 'standard' project life scrapper, I want to encourage you to grab the cards and turn them into cute little tags. The project life kit has so many cute embellishments and alphas that it makes is super easy to create tags.

Here is a little process video for you with the tags. 

I hope this truly inspires to think a little 'outside the box' when creating with the project life cards.
Love Felicity 

April 19, 2018

She smiled at herself.

Hello there friends, Felicity with you here today.  I'm sharing today a fun bright colourful page using the moodboard designed by sweet Jill.
Isn't that moodboard so playful?  When I first looked at this, I saw just bright fun colours, which meant I had to play with the water colours in the March kit. I had no direction, other than to scrap paint and spread it about. It was super super fun.

I love mood boards, because when we feel like we doing the same thing over and over again, we can take a look at a bunch of pictures together and all of sudden, your wanting to paint colours, your wanting to put a title " Hey its ok" or maybe its taken new photos of fruit. Its matter of allowing your imagination to go without limitations.

There is so much goodness in the March kits, that I decide to pull out all the circular embellishments from the kit and layer them into my page. I love how the wood grain chipboard title "smile" and the gold hearts, just soften all the brighteness.

 I really want to encourage you to take inspiration from the mood board and find something either old to try again or something you've been wanting to try. 

Here is the process video for you watch.

Happy creating!

April 17, 2018

My cheeky little deer's...

Hello there sweet friends,

Just quickly popping by today with a layout using the sketch from Hip Kits on 13 April. 
I'm using the super kit March kit, that some really cute whimsical embellishments, as you can see. 
Isn't that deer cute. 

Here is the process video for my page as well :) 

Pop over to the forum and join in!


April 10, 2018

Its all magical in the wood forest with the bunnies....

I have a super cute layout today to share with you using the March kit from Hip kit club. 

Who loves all the cute little animals in the kits? I couldn't help but document Easter because those animals inspired me to do create something a little whimscal.  Because after all, its pretty magical time for kiddos isnt it?
I loved all the floral pieces in the papers and embellishments, so a little fussy cutting and some layering.

Can we take a moment and appreciate the gold trim on the embellishments  as well? It makes the page even more magical doesnt it?

I hope this inspires you to create a page with your March kit and use those cute little animals.

Be sure to check out my process video.

Happy creating!

April 3, 2018

Radiate positivity

 Lets just say, I did try my best to follow the sketch... tee hee. But thats the idea of sketches, to inspire us and to see where it takes us. I loved the design that Tarrah put together, so make sure you pop over the forum to check out the other layouts using the sketch too.

The bright paper with the white dots, I was bit head over heals with.... So i let the colours dedicated where this page took me. If you people have not used the rub ons in the February kit, please do yourself favour and go and grab them. I was a little giddy with excitement as i put them in amongst my mixed media background. They just made the pages so good. (if I dont say so myself... tee hee).

So if i can leave you today with a few pieces of advice
1. Go and check out the sketch and allow it to inspire you this easter
2. open those rub ons and use them!!
3. Smile and love every bit of creative!

March 15, 2018

Butterflies and more butterflies

 Hello everyone! I have a fun page using the Hip Kit club  February kit. What was the thing you saw when you received your kit? Flowers, BUTTERFLIES, dragon flies, hearts, words... yep you guessed, butterflies is what i saw first. Aren't they super cute. 

How could  I not fussy cut out the butterflies from the crate paper sheet and then layer them on a page. When I started this page, i had no plans what so ever. Zilch. But, one thing was that I had to use butterflies. I fiddle for a while with the placement of my butterflies and the design.

 But thats the fun part of being creative. Being able to just go with it and allow it to flow, no restrictions, no limitations.

I also loved the stencil and the distress ink pad. A girl after her own colour! 
I hope this inspires you today with your February kits and if anything, go and use those butterflies.. Tee hee


March 7, 2018

Quirky little girl!

Hello there friends, Felicity here with a fun layout using the January Hip kit. I have been waiting, perhaps a little impatiently, (tee hee) to use all those fun embellishments from Crate paper in the kit.

All the little facial expressions on the fruits, meant I had to choose a pretty funky fun photo. My little Missy moo can be sure a goose, that the embellishments truly helped me to document her quirky personality.  I also went back to something that I haven't done for a while, fringing. I thought it added a lot of fun and again more interest to the page.  I also loved fussy cutting out  some of the flowers from the exclusive paper that Kim Watson designed and also those cute houses!

I hope this inspires you today with using some embellishments and even going back to something you have done for a while.

Happy creating!

March 2, 2018

full of Xo's

 G'day G'day!!
 I have a super layed up page for you using the January kit which is full of some beautiful Pink Fresh goodies. 
I love the pink fresh chipboard sticker sheet that came in the project life kit. Because if anyone is like me and loves layering, then these are for you and you will understand my love for them! 

What about the pink fresh puffy stickers? They add some nice depth to the page as well and there nice a vibrant too. They have some really cute sentiments on them as well. 

But can we talk about those tassel bows and those layed hearts as well? I love both of these sooooooOOooo much. The tassels add a nice amount of fiber to the page and look at that yellow one tucked in my cluster. There super super cute. 
What about the hearts? because they are layed and are stitched, they also add some really soft detail to your page without needing to add to much as well. 

I challenge you to go and grab all the pink fresh goodness from your kits and put as many as you can onto a page like me!! 

One tip: Have fun!!


February 27, 2018

pretty flowers and cute houses!

 Hello everyone! Happy Weekend :)
I want to share with you a layout using the ever so colourful and bring Hip Kit January kit.  I couldnt go past the exclusive flowers that kim watson designer, so layed in as many as i could, There so colourful and perfect to add in as layers and by themselves. Not sure they last longer than fresh flowers though. Tee hee
 I decided to again use the destress ink pads as paint, so I stamped straight on to plastic, then add water and put them straight down on some gesso. I love how the water interacts with the ink leaving the mixed media bright and also a beautiful texture being ink.
 I also admired the cute houses on the crate paper and wanted to add them as layers as well. It was really fitting for the page, because these little munchkins all live under my roof and they truly make this home a blessed and magical place.

The Vicki Boutin sticker sheets, where also perfectly added. I left them the black adn white because it fitted well with the photo. The scratter of butterflies and the little labels tucked, help balance the page with the colour.

It so fun to play with the January kit and I can't wait to share more. I aplogoise for my video cutting out too, my battery ran out and also the lighting is not the best because we had some very dull weather and the sun was not coming out for  a few days. But, its perfect crafty weather.

Hope this inspires you this weekend to grab your kits and play :)