February 16, 2018

Their love of school.

Hello everyone! Im here to share with you a fun project life with a whole of love! Being Valentines day this week, I thought I should a project life page with 'love' being the inspiration. When we think of love, 80% of the time we might think of our partner, husband or spouse. For me, my thoughts turned to my kids this time.

My middle child is always leaving little 'love notes' around the house for everyone. "I love you Daddy" "Your the best ever"... those sort of sweet notes. A lot of these notes he does is when he comes either home from school or on the school bus.  I then turned my thoughts to their love for school. Now, don't get me wrong, love for school is not always there! Promise!! Tee hee But I wanted to make sure I documented the things that the kids come and tell me about school.

The love of the library, their sweet little friends and even the little conversations we have in the car whilst waiting to go to school.  These little times in their lives, is something I probably don't document enough, but there important part to 'their' story in life, part of their love story.

I loved the Hip kit Club January  exclusive project life cards, because they truly fit in with any love theme, any story we want to document. So I hope that as we see a whole of love this week, that we also think of the other little forgotten things that bring us joy and share the love. I hope this inspires you with your Project life kit today!


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