May 25, 2018

Project life + Washi tape = LOVE

Hello Everyone, I have a fun Project Life page today using the Hip Kit April kit. I had a lot of fun with some washi tape in the May kit. I always love using Washi tape in my layers, but whats also fun is being able to 'create' and 'change' some project life cards.
On this page, I used a simple striped (bottom left) project life card and add some washi tape in between the stripes for more depth and texture. Something so easy,  yet effective.
I also loved using the tape to hold some cards on top, to create flaps. Again this is a way fun away to add colour, pattern and texture. 
By adding the washi tape, a small amounts it also helps your project life as well. 

So when using washi tape, it doesn't need to be anything fancy.
A fun way to look at it is, to ask yourself.

"Where would i put a stripe of paper" and instead of paper, add a little washi tape :) 

I hope this inspires you with your projects.
Happy crafting!

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