August 10, 2018

a special treat for you.

 Hello hip kit friends, Felicity here today. I hope you all have started off with a beautiful week and your sneaking in some me crafty time.

Just popping by to share a layout I created with the July kits. 
I was a bit smitten with all the exclusives and the colours in this kit. 

I also loved the frames and tags ooh and those flowers.  I didnt have any set plan for this page.

I just started off with some of the pink fresh paint from the colour kit and add a little colour to the background.
Then I just grab all my favorite embellishments out and started adding them. 
It was a bit like, this looks great here, oh that not so good, take that away,  lets add this in... and so on.  This is the time that I truly love creating,
Being able to freedom with choice, with colour and design. 

If you are using lots of colour on your page, I want to recommend that you either go with a black and white photo or add a photo that has lots of neutral tones like mine here. 

i hope this inspires you today with your kits. 

Happy scrapping friends!

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  1. O seu trabalho está super giro...Adoro essas cores. Muitos Parabéns


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