I am Felicity Wilson
I am a mother to Brae,Piper and Noni
I am wife to Brett
I am a cleaner - that mud just has to come off you before you come inside
I am mechanic - sellotape fixes everything
I am list girl - does that make me sound orgainsed?
I am doctor - kiss here and bandaid there
I am counsellor - all those tears fixed with a quick Mummy talk and hug
I am financial advisor - forever answering "can I have this Mummy?"
I am creativity kind-a girl - yep, that filing cabinet really needs 'something' on it.
I am sew busy - love needle, thread and a sewing machine.

This is my little space on the world wide web - the place I come to share all my creativity projects, a few photos and bit 'get real' moments in my day to day life.

5 random moments

1. I once had a 100 pair of shoes. I even went as far as docuemting them in a book. Each pair of shoes had a name and each had a special place under my bed or in the wardrobe. My parents thought that one day it would funny to hide a pair of shoes on me, thinking I wouldnt miss them, considering I had another 99 pairs! well, I did! I knew exactly where the pair shoes belonged and waht the name was!

2. I can remember sitting on the lounge room floor with a chopping board, few bits of paper and a notebook at about the age of 16. Little did I know that it was called scrapbooking. I then went dabbled in other crafty things and some how found my way back to scrapbooking when I moved to Queensland.

3. There seemed to bit of joke around about people trying to phone me - this was when I was living by myself. No one could seem to reach me or if they did I always answered with "I am in a coffee shop". I love to just sit and watch people, talk a book, or notepad and pen. The atmosphere of a coffee shop, up lifts me.

4. I dont like moths!

5. Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, I did very well at athletics! I loved running and made my way through the levels, with missing out on one hundredth of second off going to compete in Sydney! Now to explain that 100th of a second, its a finger over the line, and for me to understand that at young age - it was hard. I still like to be active, but am quiet content walking with my boys!